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We are thinking of moving over to the K1000 virtual appliance rather soon.  I noticed that the space requirement is 500GB.  Is this space expandable?  I am currently sitting at 315GB on my appliance, and I'm sure that it is only going to go up.  Any replies would be awesome.

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The newest OVF has 1TB in space.
Answered 12/18/2015 by: jknox
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  • That sounds like a much better answer. Do you know how the performance is compared to the current K1?
    • I wouldn't expect performance to be any different.
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currently the storage space of the K1000 is not expandable.
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Marco - Stocktrader
Answered 12/18/2015 by: StockTrader
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  • That is rather disappointing. I may just have to stick to the Appliance then.
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our first Kbox reached end of life and we purchased a new appliance, the new one had twice the space of the old one.  I have about 900 gig of disk space

Model: K1100s
Memory: 16GB
CPU: 1900 MHz
Hard Drive Usage: 288.98 GB / 883.78 GB

Answered 12/18/2015 by: SMal.tmcc
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  • Right now we have a K1200s. It has like 1.5TB of space, 64 GB of RAM, and I'm sure it has a lot of stuff we won't even use up. It will probably be a downgrade going to a virtual K1000. It is mostly for disaster recovery purposes and easier backup. However, being limited to 500GB is a problem, and I'm hoping that it would be able to be upgraded.
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