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On my old v6.4.120822, I have two scripts - one that enables, and one that disables, RDP on a target machine. The very first task in this script is "Verify that HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Terminal Server!fDenyTSConnections is equal to 1and, more importantly, I have over 50 options for various tasks I can use like 'Always Fail', 'Create a message window', 'Verify a registry key's value is...', etc.

On my new v7.0.121306 VM, I don't have a lot of the scripts I had in my old system, and so I am going through and re-creating them. However, I only have 11 options in the drop down under Verify. As a result, I cannot even create this basic script identifical to how it was in my old server.

Am I missing something?

Old Server

New server:
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The New server picture it looks like those are the options when you do not select a specific OS under the deploy option...
Answered 02/16/2017 by: erietech
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