Today if i run script in K1000 the script do not run or get stuck on pending status. I have read this article but this is not solve my problem. How to solve my problem?

Note : This is my setting in K1000
1. Server Version: 6.4.120822 Agent Version: 6.4.522.
2. 17.000 connected device.
3. 16 Organizations (include Default Organizations).
4. communication settings in each Organizations
a. Agent Logging = Enable
b. Agent Inventory = 12 hours
c. Agentless Inventory = 1 day
d. Catalog Inventory = 7 day
e. Metering = 7 day
f. Scripting Update = 4 hours
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  • Just out of curiosity, are you attempting to start it on all 17k devices? the pic is tiny so I can't really tell. Also, what is the script supposed to do? It may just be taking a long time.
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