Our kbox is not open to the outside. So to get the mobile app to work on my phone I have to connect to our wifi and remove the proxy settings. I can log in to the app and see tickets and inventory, but when i try to assign a ticket or make any change I get a 403 error "There was an error saving the ticket" when i touch the green checkmark. Any ideas? Will the app only work if the box is open to the outside? We don't want it open to the outside for security reasons.

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  • I was wondering that myself. I got our techs all fired up over the weekend about the app, and our boss is buying IPads...but now I see this error as well. Our box is open to the outside, so I do not think that is going to be your issue. I have tried disabling SSL etc.
  • Disabling SSL on the app or on the box or both?
  • Both. Still not joy.
  • I'm sure our network guys will say no to taking ssl off the box. Still not working for me either.
  • Fortunately for me....I am essentially a one man band here in regards to the technical side of the department. I am wondering if we open a support ticket with Kace if they can address this.
  • Good idea. If we both open one it might get higher priority also.
  • Any Luck, Imland? I have been through two days of Dell Kace saying it is a permissions error, check my permissions. I am the admin of the kace server, I even created another admin role...tried three different android devices all with the same result. It is a bug in their code, but they won't admit it.

    Works fine on IOS, but I am not gonna try to shove an ipad in my pocket walking through the halls of the school district I work for.
  • I have been swamped by other things and haven't put in a support ticket yet. I will try to do that today or early next week. Thanks for the follow-up.
  • Definitely need access for ticket owners. I hope they add it, otherwise it won't do much good.
  • Same problem here: I have a custom field that's required. I changed the config to make it not required, and am able to successfully save from the GO app. However, when I do that, it wipes out any previously stored values in the custom field (say, if they were set through the web interface or via email). After saving a new comment on a previously stored ticket, the history shows this: "Changed 'Campus' from "38th Street" to ""."

    I know that Kace is working on this, but this bug makes the app pretty much unusable for me :(
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MAke sure you are a full admin with write access to all tabs inthe ROLE setup.


To troubleshoot create a new queue and assign the same label as current queue and try to use it. If you can you may have an issue with your normal queue that is causing errors. 

Answered 09/28/2013 by: jdornan
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  • Why does the mobile app require full admin access? I don't want 9 other people having access to all admin features just so our technicians can use the mobile app.

    They are ticket owners. So they should be able to change and save tickets. They have access to inventory and scripting. So they should be able to use those features.

    Why do they have to have access that they can't even use in the mobile app? Is the answer from KACE on this problem or just your experience?
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Its from the product documentation.

Note: K1000 GO is designed for IT administrators and technicians, not for end-users. Account holders

whose role is User or Login not allowed cannot use Mobile Device Access regardless of how the permission is set. 


 would imagine as popular as the app has been it will eventually be expanded to include users. Thats just my opinion though. The only thing I can se stopping it would be if its profitable to develop a free product to that degree. I believe it would be for the value added to the K1s.

Id say it has a lot of potential. It is in the very early stages.

Answered 09/30/2013 by: jdornan
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  • That's helpful. I am not logging in with an account that has full admin rights. We created a role for Technicians that gives them everything except access to a lot of the settings. According to the documentation this role shouldn't be able to log in either.

    I do hope they update the app to allow access for more users. I don't want all of our users having access, but it would be more useful if I didn't have to give full admin rights to techs just for the app.

    Anyway... thanks for the info. That clears things up a bit.
  • Tried logging in with admin account and I get the same error. It's not the access that's the problem apparently.
    • Are you trying to change something in a ticket and save it?

      I discovered that if you have ANY custom fields on a ticket queue and any of those custom fields are REQUIRED, then it freaks out and won't save the ticket, thus throwing the error.
    • I've brought up the issue with 'required custom fields' up to KACE (during a webex showcasing the app, with one of the project heads) and he said that they are aware of the issue and working to circumvent such things as we speak.
      • Then that's exactly what's happening. We have required custom fields in our service desk. Guess we'll wait for an update.
      • Hey guys -- this is Patrick, the product manager for the K1000 GO mobile app. You are correct that the problem here is that we don't currently support saving custom fields via the mobile device. This is a high priority fix for us and will be addressed in the next 2 minor releases of the app, which are scheduled to come out over the next several months. We expect that this will be resolved for iOS first and then Android shortly thereafter.

        Feel free to send me an e-mail if you have any further questions or feedback on this: patrick_mathieson@dell.com
    • Remove the custom field being a requirement, try to update the ticket, see if it works and verify (This is in response to your LATEST update, just ran out of reply room)
      • Yep. This is the problem. Changed all custom fields to Not Required and it allowed me to make changes and save them.
      • Good fix...now the only issue is I will have submitters not putting required info in custom fields lol. Funny thing is, I have had this ticket open with Kace for a week, and they were not very helpful.
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