Hoping that everyone will share their experiences (positive/negative) here.

I started a thread similar to this before, but now that the 6.0 update is more widespread I wanted to start fresh.

Thanks Everyone!

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  • Where can I download it? Isn't it supposed to be available today?
    • https://www.kace.com/support/my/downloads
      Requires login.
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  • Here are my concerns for our environment (note that I have not attempted to get clarification yet on any of them):

    1. Dual boot machines (K1-9245) - When two different managed devices are assigned the same IP address, the
    devices are not identified as separate devices, and inventory information is
    recorded incorrectly.

    We have a ton of dual boot machines.

    2. Attachments > 8MB. K1-15472. The Service Desk ticket email system has an 8MB size limit on attachments.
    Attachments that exceed 8MB in size are rejected, and no error message is
    displayed to the sender.

    My favorite part, "no error message is displayed"

    3. Service desk ticket rules (N/A) Service Desk ticket rules that refer to HD_QUEUE custom fields fail because
    HD_QUEUE is moved to HD_FIELD during the K1000 server update to version
    6.0. To resolve the issue, rewrite ticket rules to use HD_FIELD.

    We have to examine our rules to determine what might be impacted.

    6.0 release notes. https://www.kace.com/de/~/media/Files/Support/Documentation/K1000/v60/K1000_60_ReleaseNotes.pdf
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    • I'm most interested in the "Discovery" feature for printers and network equipment. Have you played with that at all?
    • Jbr32, I believe they made the HD_QUEUE to HD_FIELD change a version or two back. The same language exists in the release notes for 5.5. And I just saw an older question from 5.4 that mentions the same change: http://www.itninja.com/question/changes-to-rules-after-5-4-install
      • Does anyone have more details on this? we have 100+ rules referencing HD_Queue... ver 5.5
  • I now have my enviroment upgraded and all nodes upgraded as well. I really like the new interface so far. I really really like the agentless feature, I just did a test on a network switch and it pulls a lot of data on the switch and is really cool.
    • Could you give a screen shot of what all it pulls?
      Don't show anything confidential please.
    • Does it affect node licensing at all? May not be an issue for most but I'm stuck with the built-in 100 licenses and we're using 95 of them. Pretty sure it just counts for agents but I'd hate to find out the hard way.
  • I have updated my K1000 today to the current 6.0 version. First thoughts: The interface is much more intuitive. Unfortunately I am finding that I can't create new smart labels at this time. I'm not sure if this is because I'm trying to do it wrong or what, so I am still troubleshooting/researching.

    • Let us all know what happens!
    • Wow I feel sheepish. I figured it out! I typed the new label name in the search field and hit create but nothing was happening. I figured out that I needed to type the new label name, click on my text in the search drop down and THEN click create. That worked!
      • Wonder what the purpose of the extra step is?
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  • I've just upgraded our K1 to V6 and we have 6,000 hosts and no major issues yet however we are really struggling with the agent hanging / crashing and in general struggling to update, anyone seen that?
    • Yes, I cannot get the agent to update at all it just doesn't get updated and the agent is published as Available Version: 5.5.30276.
      However, if I go to agent updates in Agent Provisioning it says Windows Version: 6.0.1079 yet all my computers still use the old 5.5 agent.
      • Yeah we've had the 5.5.30276 issue in our 5.5 server. The agents are all updates to 5.530275, but I also have the message that says 5.5.30276 is available.
      • John, no this was a different issue to what I am seeing now. The issue that you mention was to do with Apple not authorising the correct version of the MAC agent so even though the agent actually was 5.5.30276 it still displayed as 5.5.30275. The minor issue that I am seeing is that the reported agent available on my K1000 is 5.5.30276 but the agent that is now actually being pushed out to machines is 6.0.1079. I manually updated the agent after I updated the server but it doesn't seem to have registered in the server correctly. Either that or the reported available version hasn't been updated correctly. Having said all of this, the system seems to be working okay just not showing correctly.
      • Interesting.
  • New Assets will not allow using exsiting name error received " An Asset with that Name already exists" previous version did allow duplicate names.
    • So that's going to mean going through and renaming all of your current assets or re-importing them from a spreadsheet right?
  • Seems to be working ok. My biggest issue right now is Appliance linking. If I go into KBOX 2100 - I can see the link back to the 1100 and use it.

    However if I go into 1100 - the link shows up - but is greyed out. Selecting it does nothing.

    Other than that no major issues.
  • Mine is working very well, only issue is updating the agents from 5.5.25198. They are failing left and right.. but overall i love it.
    • Any problems connecting the new server with the older agent?
      • Yeah i just haven't had time to really look much into it, but i cant seem to update agents to v6.0. Also all agents are checking in just fine.
  • You can duplicate patch jobs now! Finally! WOOHOO!
    • Great! I've been wanting to do that in order to test things and only change 1 aspect. Nice to be able to without having to recreate from scratch.
  • I did the upgrade last night. I am liking the new user interface. I haven't had a chance to dig deeper into yet.
  • IE hangs when you go to inventory or try to sort it for a bit when displaying 1000 devices at a time. Chrome handles the pages fine, Haven't tested firefox. I'm sure this will be improved in future releases.
    • What version of IE?
    • having the same problem IE 11.. chrome is fine
  • I get an error "ping: socket: Operation not permitted" while trying to ping an IP address (hostnames work!) at the console using the netdiag login.
  • So, yesterday I enabled agent update for all of my connected clients to the new 6.0.1079 agent. I just checked on progress and all of my clients are now on the new version! Woohoo!
  • I love the extra detailed inventory info the agents are pulling both for MAC and PC clients..
  • I finally convinced the higher-up's to let me upgrade to 6.0. It looks cool, but it's going to take some figuring out how to make the agentless discovery find what we want and be able to communicate properly.
  • Just upgraded our physical k1000 appliance and it's working without any problems whatsoever. Agents checking in and updating as they should. The upgrade itself took around 15 minutes, according to the log, so not bad at all.
  • Overall like the changes, having issues with displaying assets in IE 11 (They Don't) , chorme works fine, that's the only page that has displays issues., agents updated except a few. Like the Service Desk layout changesfor users entering tickets.
  • Ran my upgrade last night, everything seems to be working well. I needed to change the custom stuff for my user portal login page, since it looked hideous in the new format.

    Agents are upgrading themselves today, seems to be going well, only small issue is some of the widgets don't seem to work that well on the dashboard (Managed OS's, for one. Just displays blank)
  • One thing that I noticed, While in software inventory, I can no longer, export the list of detected devices with that software.
  • There are a few quirks that will take some getting used to. Such as what screen it loads after you make a change. The old version would load the entire list in inventory whereas this version loads the label you were previously looking at. Not a bad thing, just a new thing.
  • The new layout takes a bit of getting used to (I'm still constantly looking for the tabs along the top), but it is a definite improvement. Very nice.
  • Has anyone played with the Agentless discovery yet? I seem to be having problems with some of our printers communicating. Some work, some don't.
    • Any chance those are hp8150?
      • No sir. Most of our HP's and Kyocera's seem to have straightened themselves out. I am a bit disappoint in the information we get from SNMP though. Not much configurability to it.
  • Technicians like the look of it better. But Am scrambling because of the USER LDAP issue where all of my LDAP labels are broken and users have access to every helpdesk. And also there is an issue with Custom_inventory timestamps and their display getting reset to all 0's if the value in each field is above 10.
  • A few issues have popped up for me in the last few weeks of using 6.0.

    Currently have a ticket open with support as about 25% of my devices (300 or so) won't inventory anymore or auto-upgrade to the 6.0 agent (all using the last release of the 5.5 agent)

    Also have a confirmed Bug with support where some models of Dell desktop can/will report their chassis type as "Unknown" with the 6.0 agent on them. About half of my desktops are doing this (500 or so devices). Laptops seem unaffected.
    • I have seen a large number of the "Unknown" bug happening.
      • I saw that long ago pre 6.0 on Windows XP machines that needed a WMI repair: http://windowsxp.mvps.org/repairwmi.htm

        Maybe that helps, maybe not. Hopefully not. I hope y'all are done with XP. I know we're not entirely migrated =(
  • I might just open a support ticket on this one... I discovered an issue in 6.0 that actually looks like possibly a bug:

    I just got a key today to enable orgs. When I try to create an Organization LDAP filter and click "LDAP Browser" it kicks me to the login screen. I've tried it several times and it keeps doing it. Can someone out there with 6.0 & orgs enabled please verify if this is just me or not?

    • OK, so this isn't just me. I submitted a ticket and it was happening to the first guy I spoke to. It has been escalated to investigate if it is a bug.
  • Is it just me or is the notify portion in scripting not working? I created an Online Kscript and under notify it says, "Alert options are only available for Online KScripts and Online Shell Scripts for Windows and Mac." I created it as an offline kscript, switched it to an online Kscript, and it still says the same thing. =( I'll go put in a support ticket as well...
    • Interestingly if I duplicate an old online kscript I see the "notify" section. Woohoo! A decent workaround for now!
  • Have had to submit a number of bug reports since upgrading to 6.0 and I'm not sure that I have much faith the KACE team are taking this seriously. There is a SQL injection vulnerability in the HD_WORK field of tickets. If you use an apostrophe, you will receive an error like this one:
    PHP Error: Uncaught ADODB_Exception in /kbox/kboxwww/include/KTicket.class.php on line 2632: mysql error: [1064: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 's laptop with asset.', '12', '0.00000')' at line 1] in EXECUTE("insert into HD_WORK (HD_TICKET_ID, START, STOP, NOTE, USER_ID, ADJUSTMENT_HOURS) values (261, '2014-05-30 11:00:00', '2014-05-30 11:45:00', 'Drove to site, replaced user's laptop with asset.', '12', '0.00000')")

    Not being able to use an apostrophe is really, really frustrating and according to this site: http://www.exploit-db.com/exploits/27039/ this vulnerability has been known to KACE for a long time. Luckily our box is not outward facing so the security risk is low, but it worries me that this known issue has been around and unresolved for so long.

    My second big issue is the TIME_OPENED field. When viewing all the tickets in your queue in one list, this field displays in seconds, and only up to 10 characters. So if your ticket has been open for 3 days 14 hours and 42 minutes, the time opened displays as '312120', which isn't a particularly useful figure for the purposes of ticket tracking. Other users have also had this issue, some as long as a year ago, as seen here: http://www.itninja.com/question/on-your-view-of-tickets-what-does-your-time-opened-populate-as Wildwolfay reports that he was going to submit a bug request to KACE to get it fixed, but just today I posted a reply to see if he ever got a resolution, and it looks like he just took the initative to fix it himself via a ticket rule.

    Based on my overall experience with my K1000 and the KACE team, I do not expect to ever get a fix for these issues, or best case scenario, they will be bundled into a release that is weeks/months/years in the future.

    And writing this up I've found that ITNinja can't handle a comment of this size in Chrome, so maybe I'll have to submit a bug report for that too. ;)
    • That's not good.
      I know there are a few KACE technicians lurking.
      Maybe one of them will chime in to this.
      • Sadly, no responses to either of my posts. Nor have the tickets that I've opened had any activity. Now that the KACE team themselves have upgraded to 6.0, perhaps they will be faced with the same issues that are affecting production day-to-day, and a fix will be issued. Would LOVE to hear from a KACE tech in this thread!
  • Well ugh, I just found another problem. If I open any of the knowledge base articles I've created for users, all the markdown formatting and inline images I had linked to create my articles are gone. All of it, just gone. I can view the article from the user UI and it is still intact, but if I save it while making no changes, it strips out everything. That means I can either never update an article, or I have to redo every single one of them.

    UGH :(
  • I am really new to the kace system. I have been having issues installing software remotely. (note: I am using kace as a cloud) I will use "managed installations" and the manual is not that detailed on how it should work. Do any of you have a good "how to" for this, Thanks!
    • the KACe Kontinuing Education video series is pretty good. They have alot of videos on alot of different topics.
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To be honest I'm a bit frustrated with how not-intuitive this thing is. Don't get me wrong, I see how powerful it can be, if you can get it running. What I can't figure out is how to make the inventory pull in devices that have the agent deployed via GPO. I did it to my two desktops this morning (about 9 hours ago) and check in if every six hours, so it should have pulled down, but my inventory is just as empty as when I started. If I have to manually input every computer in my environment I might as well just use excel, because it's a heck of alot cheaper and I can build that how I want.
Answered 11/24/2014 by: nxahoward
White Belt

  • Have you seen https://support.software.dell.com/de-de/kb/SOL111244 ?
    You can't deploy the agent MSI unedited (the 5.4 method from the KB article is STILL required in 6.0 and 6.2 agent MSIs!), it just will fail if you use the classic Active Directory software rollout.
    But if you are on 6.0, you should consider this: https://support.software.dell.com/de-de/kb/133776
    Worked great for me and you do NOT have to edit any MSI file!
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Mixed reviews on the version 6 here...  Color scheme for the creation of Helpdesk tickets is to bright, I am getting requests to tone that down.  A LOT of wasted space on the tickets themselves, large tickets that have a lot of work on them require a rather large amount of scrolling to get around in them.  Ticket creation categories are not working correctly either, select a primary category and the Sub categories get pulled from other bunsiness units.  Causing us to have to start over the ticket creation process.  Pretty frustrating...

Answered 06/05/2014 by: FicmanS
Orange Belt

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Getting a few error after upgrading and the first impression of the new version is very dark and very similar to K3000. Looks boring and prefered that this had a more colourful interface.

Dont like the way the machine is reporting in, as I prefered the green symbol and red.


Getting a few error messages with Backup after the upgrade and with assets.

So not entirely happy at the moment.


Answered 06/06/2014 by: hjansari
Fourth Degree Green Belt

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I like 6 just fine, but it's super slow to display devices in IE9.  It's nice & fast in Chrome, but I can't remote control PCs in Chrome since it's an Active-X thing (well, can't do it natively and I don't have the time to figured out how to add it to Chrome).
Answered 06/26/2014 by: DanHarmon
Blue Belt

  • Note. A version of IE must be installed on the system you are using. Also the IE browser must be set up. See

    https://support.software.dell.com/k1000/kb/111251 for instructions

    1. Click the three line icon upper right of Chrome Browser.
    2. Move to Tools and select Extensions.
    3. Click Get more extensions.
    4. You will be brought to the Chrome Web Store.
    5. Search for ietab in the search box.
    6. Scroll down to IE Tab and click +Free button.
    7. A popup will appear. Click Yes, Install.
    8. A page will appear with overview, etc.
    9. A blue flashing arrow will appear lower left corner of browser. Click the file below it and IE Tab will install.
    10. To get into IE Tab mode, click the IE folder located on left. This will open a small address bar below. Type in your K1 address and you should be able to use Machine Actions in Chrome.

    Note: The version of IE tested is IE 11.
  • We have the same IE slowness issues. Works fine with Chrome or FireFox. Hopefully we will find some answers to the issues.
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To be fair I was hoping that V6.3 would fix a few of the issues including that frustrating US date format but it wasn't to be. We have just inherited several formatting issues around helpdesk tickets that weren't there before the upgrade and now email attachments won't show up either. Also the ticket add work window no longer populates with system time and has to be entered manually which also has a formatting issue or two. Apparently this will be fixed by an update 6.4 which doesn't have a release date as yet?

So for me, update 6.3 has been a disaster so far and has my Helpdesk staff complaining that they can't use the tickets easily.

Answered 03/23/2015 by: daves
White Belt

  • No support for dual boot machines means we are also holding off; still on 5.5.
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Good Day Everyone,

  I am in dire need of a robust, solid, and stable help desk ticketing system for the company I work for. I am just tired of dealing with Kace K1000 service desk and Kace period. The Kace K1000 service desk is constantly breaking.

Any ideas and thoughts

Answered 03/23/2015 by: shandy4473
Yellow Belt

  • Steve, I think the issue with KACE is not the Helpdesk but the US Developers who don't seem to listen to what is being asked of them and don't fix issues in a timely manner. The US date format is a prime example of this. I know that Ruan and Daniel work tirelessly to help with the issues where they can but their hands are tied when it comes to fixes, features and updates.
    • Hi Daves, KACE_Mary here from KACE Technical Support. If you review http://kace.uservoice.com/forums/82699-k1000/suggestions/3838353-multiple-english-date-time-formats I'm sue you will be pleased that this issue will be addressed Summer 2015.
      • You bet and about time too, how long has this been hanging around? Still, I'm pleased to see that you do see these posts and take note. As you can see by the comment above, people are getting a bit fed up and frustrated.
      • After over 2 years? And at the same time as removing all the other localisations?
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