I have searched just about everywhere and have not found a solution for what I'm attempting to do.

We currently use tasks to create a parent ticket with multiple child tickets for specific tasks.

This approach has worked well, but we just recently started running into an issue.

One of our tasks is for an employee name change.  A parent ticket is created then the multiple child tickets are created and assigned to their respective group.  One of the child tickets is for a new wall name plate.

The problem is with ticket turnaround time.  This child ticket does not get closed until the name plate arrives and is verified for accuracy, which can be upwards of 4 weeks, which causes the parent ticket to stay in someones queue and not closed for this amount of time, which is have a severe negative impact on ticket times.

What I would like to do is instead of creating a child ticket, have the task create a new parent ticket for the name plate (we currently have an incident type for a name plate)

Is there a way to have a task create multiple parent tickets?

Thanks in advance!
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  • Lacking the ability to have a task create multiple parent tickets, you could have the child ticket be something like "Open ticket to have nameplate updated." Once the person responsible does that the ticket can be closed and you aren't stuck waiting for the nameplate process itself to complete.
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