I’m setting up a software distribution for Java 8 update 60 and am testing it on 2 computers.  So far it installs to one of the computers, G011135.


I can check the managed install tasks and the one computer where the install was successful appears, and the other one does not.  I was able to set up a managed install of Adobe Reader DC and it installed to both computers.

I'm guessing Java won't install to this missing computer and I have to somehow make it appear under the managed install tasks? 


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  • Is the package copying to C:\ProgramData\Dell\KACE\downloads on the computer in question?
  • Checked that directory on the computer that's giving me trouble - the package isn't there. I did manage to get the package to install on G013899 ( the computer that shows up under managed install tasks ).

    I imagine I would have to set up a script to uninstall all the old versions?
    • Do you see the directory on the machine that was successful? Or do you have the MI set to delete files post-install?
      • Checked the machine that was successful - the package downloaded to that directory. I don't have the MI set to delete the files after install.
  • please, could you have time to explain how u deploy java 8 60, with script or not, did u unnistall old version first?? thanks
    • Here's what I did:

      Edit the MSI with the following changes:

      Property table:
      JU 0
      MOZILLA 1
      RebootYesNo No

      Registry table:
      NotifyDownload value 0

      Set up a deployment.config file with only this line:

      *Not sure if I really need that config file...

      *There are a few other changes I made to the MSI but I don't recall them off the top of my head...will have to look at it some more.

      Then I put the MSI, MST I created, and config file I created into a ZIP file and associated it with the software entry for Java 8 update 60.

      Set the MI to "Override Default Installation" and used the following command:

      msiexec /qn /i jre1.8.0_60.msi TRANSFORMS=java8u60.mst

      Turned on "Don't Prepend msiexec.exe" And that's about it.

      I did not install the old version. I think there may be a way to edit the msi so that it does uninstall all old versions upon install, but I haven't found it yet.
      • I do the uninstall/install with a .bat file that runs the uninstallers prior to the .msi. You can also do it with WMIC, such as
        WMIC product where "Name LIKE '%%java%%'" call uninstall /nointeractive
  • You may want to check the java.settings.cfg file reference in the Community Chosen Answer at this link. I had some issues deploying Java 8 until I did this.

    • I'll look at this one. Thanks!
  • edj, did you ever resolve this issue or find the cause? I am seeing the same "missing computer" issue in a Managed Install of Acrobat with a Mac.
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