Hello All,

So I am running into this issue where I am trying to install Oracle 11g (ODBC Driver) via SCCM task sequence and it doesn't install.  I also tried to copy the entire Oracle folder locally and then run the install with the response file but it still fails.  Not sure what's keeping it from installing.

Any thoughts/suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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  • Could you perhaps give us slightly *less* information than you have?


    Let's start with this: does the package install from a command line?

    Oh and can you please remove the 'Scripting' tag from your post? There is nothing here even remotely connected with scripting.
  • VBScab, thanks for getting back. Sorry for so much info :), please allow me to shed a little more light to it. I am now discovering that the response file is not going through. On the same machine that I created the response file now it wouldn't want to work (and yes, not even with cmdline). I have had the same issue with Oracle 10g. I am using batch file to actually install this and other application, that's where the scripting tag came from.
    • "not going through"? What does this mean? That the installer can't "see" it? My rule of thumb is to always - ALWAYS - use full paths on command lines. If possible, to avoid errors, use the '~DP0' prefix.
  • It does see it, but it keeps on failing to install it. Yes I have used '%~DP0" prefix in addition to providing the hard code path to it.
  • When you create the response file it hard-codes the path you created from in a 'From Location' in the file.
    You need to modify this so that it has the relative path and not the absolute path - the example text above shows how to do this.

    If you don't modify this then it will only correctly install from the path you created it from.
    • You have helped on this while packaging 10G :)
  • what is the command you are running?? please send that through
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Thanks to you all, I got it to work now.
Answered 10/13/2014 by: 786_ak
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Presumably you are unfamiliar with the Oracle Universal Installer for preparing Oracle apps for deployment.

Also, is the ODBC driver you are adding a system DSN or a user DSN ?  You cannot install a user DSN directly with SCCM as it does not have access to any user profiles and that is where the information is stored.

Finally, what error messages, if any, are you getting?

Answered 10/04/2014 by: EdT
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