I thought I saw mention of this at one point, but cannot find any information.
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  • I am looking to either deploy the upgrade via k1000 or k2000. I thought I saw there was a method on the k2000 you could do it without wiping /reimaging the machine.

    I tried to copy the zipped dvd install to the k1000 but it keeps timing out.
  • what would be a way to preform an in-place upgrade through the K1000? I've tried looking at the "Windows 10 Imaging guide" below, but it only briefly mentions doing it in the k1000. I have about 1600 machines that will need to upgrade to Win10 before June.
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I haven't done it personally but the author of this told me it works at the Software user Forum in October. 

Answered 12/02/2015 by: rockhead44
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  • They showed how to use the k1000 to deploy an upgrade from w7 to w10 at Dell World User Forum
    • Is there any record of this anywhere?
      • I think they said they would make the presentation available but it would be a few weeks leave this open and maybe one of the instructors will see it and be able to answer
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    • That would be an upgrading using a patch to do it vs a deploy. If it is a patch, sure the K1000 can deploy that installer and have it run.
      • you are not using a patch you zip the install dvd and are running the install setup.exe. with a script
      • Sorry poor choice of words by calling it a patch per say since you can install it from Windows Update.
      • Ideally I'd like to push out the upgrade silently. I know it is technically a patch in WSUS, so thats why I was thinking k1000. Seems like many possible methods with the k1000 or k2000, but no step by step guide available yet.
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In this blog if you read thru all they do on the k2000 is copy the source media, autologon and run the setup.exe using command line switches


they referenced this link in the blog, that talks about setup.exe commands for installing.


you could zip up the dvd and upload that as a script dependency and script out the login and setup calls

here are the k2 scripts that do the upgrade

Answered 12/02/2015 by: SMal.tmcc
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K1000 does not do imaging. If you want to do imaging you have to look at the K2000 System. 
Answered 12/02/2015 by: nshah
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