We have 600 machines that are brand new and want to deploy Windows 7 on them. We are trying to find the best way to get the machines into PXE and through the Kace boot environment without having to manually touch each machine.

We would like to hook it up and turn it on, and have it automatically initiate the scripted installation.

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If you have their mac address you can feed that into the K2000 and set a boot action for the device to boot the K2000 and run a specific task or just enter the KBE environment.
Answered 03/28/2012 by: jrscribner
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  • I would need to get the mac address for each individual machine for me to set it up automatically right? I have 600 machines to roll out by the end of the year so I'm trying to find the best method.

    Thank you!
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brandonskinner, do you have a K1? If you do you link the 2 cars together and pull the info from there
Answered 03/28/2012 by: dchristian
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  • We are currently in the process of getting the K1000. I know that will help with the deployment but I want to try and get everything in order before we put it in place.
  • What are you currently doing to manage the machines?
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You can also with the KBE Manipulator call particular commands from start.net before the K2 menu start up. If you create a custom boot environment it shouldnt be too tough to have it be set to the default run for a few days and have it automagically start the task, you may just need to copy the 'scripted.html' file from the kaceip\peinst and modify the scripts in it to select the script you want instead of displaying the selection box. I've not tried this though. I know its possible, and have done similar, with the wim's to get them deploying automatically.
Answered 04/03/2012 by: Roonerspism
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  • "I know its possible"...i know it too but the question is how? :D
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I used DCCU to create an exe that did a PXE on next boot, and then made a script on the K1000 using that and forced a reboot. You can then push that script to whatever label you want to reimage. You will also have to set it up on the K2000 to get whatever image/scripted install you want it to get.
Answered 03/28/2012 by: WGM_Jeff
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  • We have new out of the box machines that we are trying to set up for Windows 7. Any ideas how to do it on a new machine never been touched?
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The K2 has a Network Scan ability (found in the Systems module) which may help you out depending on your environment. What it does is sends out ARP requests to a specified IP range and tries to pull the MAC Address information from anything it finds and put it in Network Inventory. The limitation is that since it is an ARP request it will not bring MAC Address information across any level 3 networking appliance (i.e. a router).

So without knowing a whole lot about your specific situation, I would try and create a simple networking environment with my new machines on the same subnet as my K2 and then initiate a network scan against that range. Once the scan populates your Network Inventory you can set Boot Actions against whatever you want and as soon as those machines PXE boot they will receive whatever actions you define.
Answered 03/29/2012 by: mpace
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hi all...i want do the same like brandon,

but i cant find any videos or tuts...and the docs dont really help!
need to see it in action :)

lern by doing or watching :D

thx for your help and sorry for my english

Answered 04/23/2013 by: blackbyte
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