Trying to determine what version is running so I can do an if/then statement in a bash script.

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On a Mac, it would be something like:  ps aux | grep AMPAgent

Edit:  Ok, try this from your home directory:

/Library/Application\ Support/Dell/KACE/bin/AMPAgent -v |grep version

Or numerals only:

/Library/Application\ Support/Dell/KACE/bin/AMPAgent -v |grep version|awk '{print $6}'
Answered 07/26/2012 by: jknox
Red Belt

  • That pulls the process id and everything. Is there a way to pull the version from it? It shows its location which I could use. 5.3 stores KBOX in one location, 5.1 in another. I could just say if its here, do this, if its there, do that.
  • Could you use something like:
    If Exist '5.3FolderName' Then
    Or whatever the Unix equivalent would be.
  • See above for edit.
    • That kinda did the trick. Here's the dilemma. Your solution works for 5.3 only. Version 5.1 has a different path: /Library/KBOXAgent/Home/bin/SMMPAgent. I will probably need to do an if statement and two variables to get it to work unless there's some common process that's running that I can grep the version from?
      • I'd just update the agents to 5.3 so they are all the same. If you have uploaded the 5.3 agent to the KBOX, you can do the following:

        Settings>K1000 Agent>Agent Updates from KACE>

        Click Edit Mode and check the box for Enabled.
  • I'm probably asking a little too much from the bash scripting in detecting the different agents and then running a script based on the version. But I did find a way to detect the version:

    # First see if the file exists
    if [ -e "/Library/Application Support/Dell/KACE/data/version" ]; then
    #Then get the version from the file
    agent1=$(head -n 1 "/Library/Application Support/Dell/KACE/data/version")

    echo $agent1
    # else do this and see if agent is ver 5.1

    elif [ -e "/Library/KBOXAgent/Home/version" ]; then

    agent2=$(head -n 1 "/Library/KBOXAgent/Home/version")
    echo $agent2

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IF you are talking about Redhat agent then try


rpm -qa | grep amp


Answered 07/25/2012 by: AbhayR
Sixth Degree Black Belt

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are you talking the client running on a machine or the kbox server's base OS?

Answered 07/25/2012 by: SMal.tmcc
Red Belt

  • Based on his earlier question I would say he is talking about the machine client.
  • she, but yes, machine client. sorry about not clarifying.
  • Ah, my apologies. In the IT world I tend to assume that... Probably a bad habit.
  • ;)
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