This came up because there were a few machines in our shop that didn't have the video driver installed during the deployment. The problem was we didn't notice until a month later. Basically we were hoping for a text file on the system that would say what image was used and what the deployment date was of the machine. If this isn't automatically made, is there a way to script it out as a post install task?

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Answered 07/20/2015 by: SMal.tmcc
Red Belt

  • That's exactly what i was looking for. Thank you very much.
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This is helpful. 
How about how long the machine took to image? 
Answered 07/21/2015 by:
White Belt

  • that is on the k2000 under "Audit Log - Reports - Deployment Log"
    • beautiful! thank you!
      However, a number of the machines imaged do not have any entry under the "Deploy Completed Duration." We may pull a laptop here and there before letting it finish image for testing, but certainly not as many as the fifteen to twenty I'm seeing missing here. Any thoughts?
      • typically that occurs when the machine does not do the final report back after running kcleanup or gets a different IP. This can be caused by machines that you switch to wireless or a different subnet or DHCP gives them a different IP during a reboot
      • Ah that makes sense. Thank you.
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