We have about 25 different VLANs and will be using the K2000 to deploy about 700 Win7 computers.  However, our K2 will be in one VLAN while all the other computers will be in other VLANs.  Aside from setting up an RSA in each VLAN, is there another way we can do this?  Thanks!


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  • Thanks for your recommendations! I'll start working on this!
  • Need to set up Scope Options 66 and 67 (see SMal.tmcc's comment below) and that will allow the K2000 to PXE-boot across VLANs.
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We have all our subnets setup with the proper dhcp options and they find the kbox.  If you want a certain subnet to go to an rsa use the ip/dns name of it for that subnet.  With Microsoft DHCP you can set the boot options at the server or the subnet, I recommend the subnet level.  it is more work since you need to make entries for each vlan, but it allows you to make chagnes to only one subnet/vlan if needed.  The only place I use RSA's is for subnets that I need netbooting on for the MACs, otherwise all my W/S come back to one source.  You need to configure options 66 and 67 for each vlan

see the K2000 Series Deployment Appliance v3.6 admin guide page 34 for information on the settings.


Answered 05/13/2014 by: SMal.tmcc
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What I did was to configure 66 and 67 in the scope option for each VLAN.  Configuring the scope option at the root level didn't allow PXE-booting across VLANs.  RSA not needed!

Answered 05/20/2014 by: lnovak
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You need a RSA in each vlan if you are doing Netboot.
Answered 06/17/2014 by: stephen_c01
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You shouldn't need a separate RSA for each VLAN. You should be able to set up your DHCP to direct PXE traffic to a single address (your K2 BOX). I apologize I don't know the exact method as I'm only familiar with administering smaller LANs and have never set up VLANs. That being said, we have roughly the same number of VLANs at my organization, and I can PXE boot to our K2 from anywhere.

There are a number of articles online for how to set this up, though. Just a quick Google search for PXE across VLANs yields articles here on ITNINJA, MS TechNet and Cisco forums among others.

Answered 05/13/2014 by: BHC-Austin
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