We've been using the k1000 for computer and software inventory, managed installations, scripting and reports for several years. I'm ready to start setting up asset management, so I've been reading through the AM Guide and checking out video tutorials on the Dell site and Youtube.

I'm going nuts. I started out by setting up a software asset for Endnote X6. That was no problem, and it discovered the computers that have the software installed. Then I created a csv file with the product key, serial number, vendor, computer and user - just 12 records to start with. I imported it as a license asset and made the serial number the primary key. The serial number and user were custom fields. The preview looked like I expected, and the import ran with no errors. The new asset was listed under license assets and the associated computers were listed, but the product key other info were not. When I clicked into the new asset, it only looked like one item with just the info from the top record.

I blew away that asset and tried again using the product key as the primary key, just in case it didn't like using a custom field for primary. Same result - preview looked good, but there was only one record.

Granted, most of the videos are for version 5x, but I'm pretty sure I'm finding the corresponding items for 6.0. I'm starting to set up locations manually (only 5, one for each building we're in). That's going ok so far, but would really love to figure out where I'm going wrong with the license asset.

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  • What version of KACE are you using? I know 6.1 has a bug importing assets. They supposedly fixed it for the just released 6.2 version. Haven't updated yet to verify.
    • Thanks for the tip. I thought 6.0 was the latest because when I click the "Check for Updates", it says we're up to date. But now I see the 6.2 on the Kace download site. I'll check it out.
      • I'm having issues even after 6.2. It seems to be creating blank assets for columns I opted not to import (and weren't contained in the CSV).
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