Hi All.
We're in process of (well about to) deploy Citrix Client 11.2 to over 6000 computers, most of which hve the old PNagent 9.1 installed.
The client is being instlled vi SMS server with the command :
CitrixOnlinePluginFull.exe /silent SERVER_LOCATION="http://server.url" ENABLE_SSON="Yes"

This works fine, but if the old client is in use, which will be for the majority the installer quits.
Is there a way anyone knows of to force the uninstall, even if in use?

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I don't think there is a way and it would probably not be advisable.
I think you'll find you need a reboot anyway after the install, so why not set the sms job to run when no user is logged on and force an SMS reboot.
unfortunately this means that you have to have users that will log off and leave thier machines turned on when you tell them !!
Answered 03/18/2010 by: timmsie
Fourth Degree Brown Belt

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As per your question it seems that the the previous client is in use during installation of the latest one.Why cant we prompt the user to close that application or Kill that background process for the same if running with /qn?
Then carry on with the installation of the latest one...

Answered 03/18/2010 by: sumitsingh1984
Second Degree Green Belt

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Why cant we prompt the user to close that application or Kill that background process...In the sort of environments where Citirx is used, people might get quite annoyed at someone killing their sessions with no notice...

You need to jump through the hoops:
- send a round-robin email to say that the client will be upgraded over the weekend commencing [whenever]. I think 2 weeks notice is enough.
- send a follow-up email the next week
- send a last one on the Friday before the upgrade.

Each email must advise in no uncertain terms that all Citrix sessions and apps must be closed and that [whoever] will not be responsible for any data loss if the instruction is ignored.

NOW your package can kill the process if it's found.
Answered 03/18/2010 by: VBScab
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Thanks guys,
THe email notice doesn't quite work for us.
We're a 24 x 7 business and a lot of remote locations.
Regional sites are governed by the business and this means notebooks (majority) of the computers are locked away at night (if not on night rotation), Setting the sms server to install only when a user is logged off was an option, but this too is in the minority of users.
Notification before installation is an option, but would require user training on how to kill a Citrix process.. Might have a VB script to do this. Yes it would be annoying to have CTX session die but our systems are set up to recover and continue from a disconnect, so if pre-warning goes out this may be the only option.

I think I'll present the managers with the options and make it their call, looks like whatever option regional IT will need to be involved as users are, not all will do as told!..

BTW, reboot isn't neccessary!
Answered 03/21/2010 by: savage
Yellow Belt

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In our company we deployed a script that checked if the Citrix client is running. If it is running, then the script will do a check every 30 seconds.
Depending on the OS of the clients, you might need to obtain pulist.exe, sleep.exe and find.exe.

@echo off

set TaskName=wfica32.exe
set Wait=30

pulist.exe | find.exe /i "%TaskName%"
if not errorlevel 1 goto Sleep
goto leave

Sleep.exe %Wait%
goto loop

Answered 03/29/2010 by: jahnemar
Senior Yellow Belt

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