I have a online Kace script I want to call from a batch file on the client. I want to create a batch file to attach to a managed install software package to call out for the online Kace script. 

Is this possible?


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I would vote here. This sounds like something you would need.


Answered 03/07/2013 by: dugullett
Red Belt

  • good find
    • I only know about it because I voted for it. I would think it would make things easier. I've needed it a time or two.
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I have an install for an application that needs local admin rights and a permissions to a mapped drive. It can not be UNC because the way the app works.

The script I have will run as the correct user and map the drive for the install but I really have no control when it installs. The intent was to create an batch file to attach to the app and have it call out for the script for the install. Also as a managed install I get the reporting when and where it ran. 

Answered 03/06/2013 by: Mr_Moose
Senior White Belt

  • Can you create a MI calling a batch file that maps the drive as that user then calls the app.
    Net use x: \\server\share \user:SpecificUser Password
    Start /wait x:app.exe
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Yea got to love security on that... user name and password in clear text in a batch file. Trying to avoid that.

Answered 03/06/2013 by: Mr_Moose
Senior White Belt

  • And I do not think system can use a mapped drive.
    • It depends on your network, but it can if the mapped location allows anonymous access.
  • Use a batch to exe freeware and that will hide that, also tell your Mi to delete the local content after running.
  • I think that this is where I wonder why I use Kace. If I have to batch and get other applications to do the work why not just use a logon script ro GPO?
    Just ranting.
    • We blend it here with the other aspects, we use GPO's, kix script at login and kace to deliver items to the desktops. we look at what would be easier and what section of IT (server or desktop) is in control of how the install goes
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You can run a script manually if you know the script number.  You can get that by hovering your mouse over it in the script listing. It will show in the lower left hand side of the page.

Assuming 64 bit Windows and substituting script number for "xx":

program files (x86)\dell\kace\runkbot xx 0

For your problem, it seems like you could upload your batch as a dependency and then use an online kscript to run it from the computer as logged in users.


Answered 03/06/2013 by: jknox
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