Dear All,

i need some help when i want to deploy a wim image from K2000

i have created a folder imagestore on my \\k2000\petemp\ but nothinbg in this folder when i do the capture the machine, i just have a log file (i have right access to write on folder) on petemp folder moreover i have seen on folder \\k2000\peinst\wim\11 a wim file (with the good size of my capture) -> this my capture?

Do i copy the wim on pesinst\wim on folder \petemp\imagestore? it's the best pratice (i don't think so....)

an another request : i have finished my OS installation by sysprep but by K-image capture and deploy i have a blue screen when i reboot the computer - problem of drivers motherboard?

some ideas

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The \\k2000\petemp location is from the 3.4 KNIT before they integrated WIM imaging into the K2.  The file at \\k2000\peinst\wim is your captured WIM if you're using 3.5.

As for your 2nd request, are you sysprepping your image before capturing?  You said you installed with sysprep but I'm not clear on whether you sysprepped after the intial install and before you captured.

Answered 10/10/2013 by: nheyne
Red Belt

  • I should have mentioned, if you're using the placeholder system images from the 3.4 KNIT then your images do need to be in the petemp directory.
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WIM imaging has been integrated and no longer requires KNIT. Deploy the WIM image by selecting Imaging > Deploy Image from within KBE. If your image is not in the available list, make sure you are in the same architecture KBE as the image itself (in other words, 32 bit images do not show as eligible deployments in the 64 bit KBE).

The BSOD is most likely due to hardware emulation and storage controller driver conflicts. Change the HDD emulation type in the system's BIOS to confirm that this is the case. Usually switching the type from SATA to IDE will fix the problem.

Answered 10/10/2013 by: mpace
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Thanks for your answer i have installed my system and all apps i need and i sysprep : c:\Windows\System32\sysprep>sysprep.exe /audit /generalize /shutdown - and i capture it a new win exists in folder peinst\Wim -> name C_C.wim in my k2000 -> tab -> deployments -> system images -> name of my capture : Win7x64masterwim (image type win AMD 64) do i need to apply preintall task, mid task or not? (i have read the knit 3.4 and i have prepared same task) or can i deploy directly thanks in advance
Answered 10/11/2013 by: rollerinvinh
Orange Senior Belt

  • Your preinstall and mid tasks depend on what you want to accomplish. For the actual deployment of your image, no you don't need any, but you might some to format the drive, install any postinstall software, etc.
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