I have tried several options presented in previous posts on this site regarding OU naming and computer management using labels. What I need I placed below, but how to accomplish this task I am needing help with. I reviewed an article which indicated the use of several features in KACE to make user information changes with LDAp an automated process:


However, I need something similar which will work with computer objects.

I need the following:

1. The ability to have computer objects (with agent) be directed to a label matching their OU distinguished name, or have a new label created which is titled according to the desired OU from distinguished name.

Example: Distinguished name: OU=Helpdesk... would have label "Helpdesk"

2. If the information in the distinguished name changes the label woudl adjust accordingly, by either moving the computer object to the label with the matching OU name, or create a new label with the title matching the OU name, and deleting the original now unused label if empty.


Using some suggestions I already created the Software item which looks in the correct registry value for the distinguished name. I also tried combining this with a smart label, but putting in all the names for every OU we have would be undesireable, and require active management to keep it accurate.


It would even be OK if I put in all the labels manually, and the name on the labels could be automatedly adjusted to match a criteria from the distinguished name field returned as a string.

It does not matter how complicated the workaround would be; pointing me in the right direction, if previous similar configurations are not know, would still be awesome. I have tried various permutations of key words in numerous searches on the internet only to get pieces of what might be possible, but with no appearent connection to bring them together.

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  • This is just an 'at first glance' logical idea:

    If you want the label to pull from AD, you schedule an import (nightly) that does the import and imports all of the labels with it. LDAP Labels.

    You can then make a ticket rule (which is basically how you can run sql to any part of your kbox) that would check for that ldap label (if you're not just using ldap labels straight up) via it's ID and match it's display_name to the manual label that you created for those machines, and updates the manual label display_name to match the ldap_labels display_name.

    Again, I THINK this is what you're essentially trying to do? The ticket rule can run on a schedule right after the import, to adjust anything that needs adjusting. (I know I have a ticket rule that runs after the ldap import, which pulls the REPORTS TO information and then breaks it down so it's just the first name of the person, and not the whole OU string.)
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