Hi. I'm packaging a bit of software from Sony called Movie Studio Platinum 12.0. This is just an ordinary executable, so i've worked out that i'm able to just use the switch /q after it, which does a silent install. However, once installed, if you run the application it prompts the user to register the software. This registration however requires elevated rights.

My question is - how to i 'capture', in a sense, the registration part? if the registration didn't require elevated rights then i wouldn't bother with it, however, as a general rule, we don't allow normal users to have admin rights over their workstations.

Hopefully, I mentioned everything if not just say.

Thanks, guys.

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Why don't you capture the registration part using some capturing tool (PictureTaker, InstallRite, SysTracer etc..) usually it will be stroed in registry or files..

Answered 04/10/2013 by: jagadeish
Red Belt

  • Hi jagadeish, thanks for the reply. Yes that's what I'm going to do, only down side, we use Wise setup capture, but the version we're running is exceptionally old! Do you know if there are any free for commercial uses, capture programs?
  • For this purpose you can use Wise Setup Capture also..

  • In the end there were some registry keys that contained the licence agreement, serial numbers etc. However, an admin account still needed to login to 'activate/register' the software. Therefore, as there are only 2 users, I've set the software to install silently, then an admin will log in and register the software.
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Are you aware of something called as SHIMS ? Did you try any of them? Refer the below link

Answered 04/10/2013 by: talonsprem87
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  • Thanks talonsprem87, no I wasn't aware of SHIMS. I'll take a look now, thanks.
  • Ah the only problem I can see, and this is the biggest issue, if you SHIM an application, most vendors will not support that application. Which in turn means the business I work for breaks our compliance, as we're not allowed to have unsupported software on our network.

    I'm in two minds just to leave it as a silent install and then get an admin to register it on their behalf. Though thinking about it, I might just run a capture on the registration part and see if it just enters in a few registry keys, or modifies an .ini file somewhere. That might be easier to deal with.

    Thanks for your help though.
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>most vendors will not support that application
Why not take the opportunity to educate this vendor? His code could easily be altered to write user data instead of system data. To not do so is pure idleness.

Answered 04/11/2013 by: VBScab
Red Belt

  • I guess because the vendor is Sony, I can't see them personally listening to one person.
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