Does anyone know if there is a way to make the questions back to end users *pop* a little more in KACE service desk?

It seems as if our users lose the "request" for information in the haze of plain text on white space and what I would like to know is if anyone else has this issue and how they have handled it and / or any config suggestions.

asking a user to reboot, while assigning the ticket, comes out as follows - without the bolding


Ticket Updated.

The following action has been taken on your outstanding ticket:

----- Change by help desk  at 07/03/2013 16:26:02 -----

User5 - please reboot your PC and try again.

----- Change by help desk  at 07/03/2013 16:26:23 -----

Changed ticket Status from "Opened" to "Assigned".
Changed ticket Owner from "Unassigned" to "help desk ".



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  • Also asking if there is a way to strip out the redundant email reply thread if a user has their "Include original text" settings set in their outlook. Our tickets are becoming unwieldy to wade thru between extraneous text for status updates and the user replies always pasting in the body of the entire previous thread into their most recent comments.
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