Hi Guys , I have An exe which Extracts 20 msi in Temp Folder. I need to supress 10th msi(which i dont need that feature). At first how to find its 10th msi r not( i need to find my self) ? If we remove 10th msi then 11th msi will ask for 10th msi. So how to  Handle this  ?



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I hope you are packaging a Adobe product.. Isn't it?

If so, use AAMEE and do silent installation as suggested by Piyushnasa


Answered 08/23/2012 by: jagadeish
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You will have to use the setup.exe only and try to create a silent install with it. That will be a better option.

Which product is it?

Answered 08/23/2012 by: piyushnasa
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  • Adobe product
  • Which adobe product.. I was not asking for vendor.. Is it Indesign, Illustrator? CS6, C5
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Even if you don't require the 10th msi (feature), I doubt you will be able to remove it if it's required by the 11th msi.

It could be a CA in the 11th msi, that you could override.

Anyway, I would go with Piyushnasa's tip and use the setup (with a responsefile if possible).

Answered 08/23/2012 by: andemats
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Another option... if its an installshield setup.exe, you can use setup.iss to automate.  You then can go into the file and remove the installer you wish...

Answered 08/23/2012 by: dandirk
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If there are .msi's inside of the .exe then you should be able to get each of the .msi's.

Run the .exe to the first dialog, then go to start | run... and type in


Find the temporary folder that contains all the .msi's.

Gather all the ones you need and create a .bat file to run each one individually (removing the one with the feature you don't want).

This is what I do for QuickTime.

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Answered 08/23/2012 by: cserrins
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You can try to run the uninstall string for the 10th msi at the end if you do not want that one installed

Answered 08/23/2012 by: SMal.tmcc
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