In Installshield, through below command we can build an ism file silently and we can embed the same code in vbscript or any language to automate the process.

ISCmdBld.exe  -p sOutputIsm.ism -c COMP -e N -h -n -s

And for editing the ism file.In ISM files. different types of projects will be there.
If the ISM is created as "Basic MSI Project" then all its structure is similar to msi and we can rename the .ism file to .msi and edit the changes to the tables using orca and rename it back.So, we can use the way to edit the msi in vbscript.

But if the project is not from Basic msi, then we can't use the rename process mentioned above.
Can anyone suggest how to edit the ism file in Installshield or any other tool silently so that we can embed the same in code.
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