Hey all,

Ive made a pre-install script that will use robocopy to back up a user(s) profile before re-imaging a machine.

The the script is written as a hta so that i could use a selection box to select multiple users profiles.

Only thing is, im not sure how to run it. I know that to run a vbs i use cscript.exe before the script to execute it.

is there something like this in kace for hta?

ive tried mshta.exe but that didnt work


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  • Use Long Path Tool for such stuffs.
  • David can you give the Path you used in the Pre-task to make this work?
    • I wish i could but im now using a different script to back them up. I thnk what i did to get the path i need was to let the task fail, and then look for the directory kace copies to the machine. Once i find that, i have the full path its running from.

      If there are any more questions, let me know :)
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Answering my own question, i needed to put it as a new windows script.

Amazing what a fresh cup of coffee on a monday morning can do :)

Answered 06/22/2014 by: david.pegler
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how about using the USMT functionality which is supported by the KACE?
See this KKE:

Answered 06/23/2014 by: Nico_K
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  • Must admit, ive not looked into USMT. Thanks for the tip :)
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