Also what are under the user exp if deplying as an application?
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If the setup.exe is just a launcher for the MSI, use the MSI directly and customise with an MST.

I've just downloaded vesion 5.5 to have a quick look, and when you run the MSI directly it tells you that you must run the setup.exe.
This can be bypassed by adding the Public Property ISSETUPDRIVEN=1 in an MST (preferred) or on the command line.

With my limited test the MSI installs to the same default location when running setup and the application launches.

If it's not too late, I would go down that route, as then you can use Detection Methods to manage the application.


Answered 07/08/2015 by: dunnpy
Red Belt

  • I'm going to test this now, thanks for your feedback Dunnpy.
    • Finally managed to test it but couldn't get the MST approach to work with Orca. Instead got the MSI and did a msiexec /i "Wireless Manager mobile edition 6.3.msi" /q - this works absolutely fine but does not place a shortcut on the desktop which is fine for me.

      Thanks for your assistance dunnpy.
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As there are no takers for this question - I'll try and help here, although my CM knowledge is a little rusty.

Most of the time you'd configure an Application Deployment, as it has the benefit of the Detection Methods to verify the application is present, and initiate a repair if the detection item is found to be missing. Especially if it's an MSI installer, as the repair can occur easily without any issues.

Problems arise with Applications when rerunning an installer causes the applicaiton to 'break', or uninstall itself, when the Detection Method is triggered. In these instances it is better to install as a Package which doesn't use the Detection Methods.

The User Experience settings are dependant on your environment. Most of the time I run the installation as run for the system, hidden and whether or not a user is logged on.

The Detection Methods and the User Experience may have to be tweaked on case-by-case basis, depending on the success of your deployment testing using the 'standard' configuration.

Hope that helps,
Answered 07/08/2015 by: dunnpy
Red Belt

  • ok, that's what I thought. The application is detected ok etc and I too use the same user exp settings as you.

    Unfortunately it's a setup.exe which calls an msi file. I've tried to record the prompts by using a setup.iss file and incorporate it into a .bat file and point that as the installation program but end up with an error code.

    Thanks for taking the time to reply, much appreciated.
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