I was trying to install 7-zip and showed this message "complete instalation", but not actually installed Z-zip in the machine, but if showed the Completion Message

Instalacion completa =  complete installation

in configuration 
Why says unistalled via /qn, But I want to intall, not unistalled

Software details

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you need to use google to check out the install switches.  /qn is not a valid switch so the installer processes thru kace but the actual install never runs due to invalid switch. 

One other thought is you need to open a command window on a test machine and run the desired command you want to put in the MI via the command line to see if it works or errors.

How can I install 7-Zip in silent mode?

For exe installer: Use the "/S" parameter to do a silent installation and the "/D=dir" parameter to specify the "output directory". These options are case-sensitive.

For msi installer: Use the /q INSTALLDIR="C:\Program Files\7-Zip" parameters.

Answered 01/21/2016 by: SMal.tmcc
Red Belt

  • I put in "/q INSTALLDIR" in additional parents?
    • According to your screen shot you are using the exe installer (the associated file in kace)

      For exe installer: Use the "/S" parameter to do a silent installation
      so use

      either check default installation and use:


      or how the MI is set with override default checked you would need:

      7z1514.exe /S
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the completion message is given anyway: it means that KACE have completed what you told it to do.
I noticed a couple of things you'd amend:
  • Use the MSI of 7zip instead of the EXE: it's easier to understand what parameters you need to pass to it to make the installation silent
  • /qn is not good for the EXE version: every EXE has his own parameters to make it silent decided by the developer..there is not a real ''standard''
  • when you select the override installation you need to specify the full command line and not only the additional parameter
So to begin with:
  • Associate with the software record of 7-zip the MSI
  • Use in the managed Install the option Default Installation 
  • in the additional parameter box put this: /qn /norestart 
Kind regards,
Marco - StockTrader
Answered 01/21/2016 by: StockTrader
Red Belt

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Hello, Can I ask you something. There no problem in downloading  patches and files in  Security and Distrubition program at the same time?
Answered 01/21/2016 by: paul007
Yellow Belt

  • No. The operation performed by the K1000 agent do not conflict each others
    • thanks, you cold helpe me, I have another proble, I still keep with the problem "Handshake Error" when i want to patch a machine
      • You'd raise another Question to discuss about a totally different topic.
        Anyway the error may happen because the download of the patch signature/content is still in progress on the K1000 when the job is running.
        There are other possible reasons for this error as well.
        You'd have a look to this article:
        If the problem persists you can open a ticket with the KACE support.
        Kind regards,
        Marco - StockTrader
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you seem pretty new to Kace may I suggest this site for free training

Answered 01/21/2016 by: SMal.tmcc
Red Belt

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