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I'm trying to adapt Acrobat 6 Standard to install via GPO. I found the follow instructions on this site but I'm having a problem with them. Can anyone answer a question that I have? Here are the instructions...

Deploying "Acrobat 6.0.2 Standard" using Active Directory

1. Copy "Adobe Acrobat 6.0 Standard" from the Acrobat 6.0 CD (E:) to the hard disk (D:)

2. Open AcroStan.msi with Orca and in the Custom Actions table, delete the row

3. Create an administrative installation point to a network drive (X:)
msiexec.exe /a "D:\Adobe Acrobat 6.0 Standard\acrostan.msi"

4. Download update 6.0.1 and extract Ac60BaP1.msp to the hard disk and run
msiexec.exe /p D:\Ac60BaP1.msp /a X:\AcroStan.msi /qb /lv* D:\Ac60BaP1.log

5. Copy X:\AcroStan.msi to X:\Custom.msi

6. Open X:\Custom.msi with Orca and in the Custom Actions table, delete the row

7. Open X:\Custom.msi with WinINSTALL LE 2003 and change the registry values
HKLM\SOFTWARE\Adobe\Adobe Acrobat\6.0\Registration\SERIAL
HKLM\SOFTWARE\Adobe\Acrobat Distiller\6.0\Registration\SERIAL
from [ISX_SERIAL] to xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (get this number from a manual install)

8. (Optional) In WinINSTALL LE 2003 remove initial registration request
HKLM\SOFTWARE\Adobe\Adobe Acrobat\6.0\Registration
PRODREG=dword:1701340777 (Decimal)
and remove unwanted shortcuts

9. Create a transform of the changes you have made
msitran -g X:\AcroStan.msi X:\Custom.msi X:\AcroStan.mst

10. Test your installation of 6.0.1
msiexec /i X:\AcroStan.msi transforms=X:\AcroStan.mst /passive

11. Download update 6.0.2 and extract "Adobe Acrobat - Reader 6.0.2 Update.msi"

12. Add both AcroStan.msi with AcroStan.mst and the Update.msi to GPO

...OK, now for the question.

Point 3 says that I need to perform an administrative network install by using the /a switch with the msiexec command. I've tried running this but I don't get any window asking me where I wish to install the program to (I assume I should get this based on past experiences with Office network installs). I see a window saying that Acrobat 6 is being setup and then it disappears for ages until I get another window stating that the install has finished. How do I rectify this?

Also on a more personal note how did you guys get into this sort of thing? Do you have programming backgrounds?

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I haven't seen that before, running msiexec /a has always worked for me.

What OS are you using?
Answered 07/25/2005 by: Blue_Demon
Orange Senior Belt

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One word of warning, Adobe Acrobat 6 Standard is a difficult one especially for newbies.
Answered 07/26/2005 by: VikingLoki
Second Degree Brown Belt

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