The flash admin guide lists only 6 possible errors, numbered 3 to 8 but my deploy script (below, just fyi) is getting a "9" error for some installs. Anyone know why the "9" error people are not getting flash installed? Anyone have an uncle who works at Adobe you can nudge to get the admin guide updated? Thanks for any wisdom.

From guide
The following error codes are returned if the installation fails:
■3 - Does not have admin permissions
■4 - Unsupported OS
■5 - Previously installed with elevated permissions
■6 - Insufficient Disk Space
■7 - Trying to install older revision
■8 - Browser is open

My script:

:: Flash batch script updates flash

echo %date% %time% >> \\server\updatetmp\logs\flash030309.log
if exist "c:\windows\localupdate\flash030309.log" goto skip
echo Flashupdate ran on %computername% >> \\server\updatetmp\logs\flash030309.log

:: Create update directory
md c:\windows\localupdate

::uninstall all versions
:: "\\server\updatetmp\flash\10.0.22\unInstall_Flash_Player.exe" /s
:: "\\server\updatetmp\sleep 2

::Copy autoupdate disable file
:: copy "\\server\updatetmp\flash\10.0.22\mms.cfg" "C:\WINDOWS\System32\Macromed\Flash\mms.cfg"
:: Run flash update
"\\server\updatetmp\flash\10.0.22\Install_Flash_Player_10.exe" /s
if errorlevel 1 goto pluginError
"\\server\updatetmp\flash\10.0.22\install_flash_player_10_active_x.exe" /s
if errorlevel 1 goto activeXError

:: now put a copy of the flag on the computer so this will not run again.
echo Flashupdate ran on %computername% > "c:\windows\localupdate\flash030309.log"
goto end

echo Flashupdate FAILED plugin error %Errorlevel% on %computername% >> \\server\updatetmp\logs\flash030309.log
goto end

echo Flashupdate FAILED activeX error %Errorlevel% on %computername% >> \\server\updatetmp\logs\flash030309.log
goto end

echo Flashupdate SKIPPED (already done) on %computername% >> \\server\updatetmp\logs\flash030309.log
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