I have several areas in KACE where I'm not getting the results that I'm expecting. I have submitted two support tickets for resolution but I didn't get it fixed exactly. I still do not know why it is doing this.

I have a couple of examples but I'll start with this one. We've just upgraded to 5.5 and I was introduced to the new Software Catalog tab. There are three tabs here and it was explained to me what they are for. I was told that they would populate automatically based on input from Dell and the scans of my machines. That was now two weeks ago and the Discovered tab and the Uncataloged tab are both still at 0 titles. The Not Discovered is at 46K+ which is about what I expect.

Has anyone else seen this? Is there something else that I need to open up? Is there another patch that I need to install? Am I not holding my tongue right?

Thanks for the help.


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  • Under Settings, Server Maintenance what is listed for Software Catalog? How often is your KBOX set to download catalog updates (Settings, Control Panel, Dell Client and Server Update Settings).
  • Thank you. Under SC it says Catalog Version: 20131125_V2000
    Last Update Attempt: 11/26/13 04:02:35

    Under Schedule Catalog Import we have it set to Disable import of Dell Client and Server Update Catalogs.

    Sounds like that could be the one, huh? Thank you sir. ;)
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