I have a a label with different default MI's assigned to it : "Default computer".

Adobe reader, java, flash, default programs for our company, etc. Instead of assigning each computer a label for each MI, there is just one label for all those default programs.

The problem is that not everything installs correctly the first (3) time(s). Of the 12 applications 5/6/7 of them fails (randomly, not always the same applications). When I save one of the failed MI's it tries to reinstall the MI and then it installs correctly.

Is there a way to prevent those failed MI's ?
Or to start those failed MI's only for that computer without modifying the MI itself?

There is nothing to see in the eventviewer.


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You could try to increase the "Max Attempts" found towards the bottom of the MI configuration page. This would allow each program to attempt to install more than 3 times.

Answered 10/22/2012 by: Ben M
Ninth Degree Black Belt

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I assume you are talking about a managed install out of a K1000?

It has to do with the number of MIs you have assigned to the label.  If it was limited to 4 or 5, I'm pretty sure you wouldn't see this issue.

If I recall correctly, it's related to the version of the K1000 agent that you have. Try upgrading to the latest (currently 5.3.53177) and see if that helps.

If not, I'd separate the 12 installs into 3 or 4 individual labels and deploy that way.


Answered 10/22/2012 by: jknox
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You might also want to change the deploy order of the installs so that they install in a known order. 

Answered 10/22/2012 by: chucksteel
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Using the Deploy Order in this case can help remedy the issue.

Order the installs in the most logical order, keeping an eye out for the order of any installs that may be dependent on others. 

Answered 11/29/2012 by: WhitzEnd
Seventh Degree Black Belt

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Hi, thx for the responses.

I'm indeed talking about the K1000. The agent is version 5.3.53177
Why is there a limitation of the MI's assigned to 1 label ? If I think logically, it doesn't matter how much MI's are assigned to a label. They're all gonna be downloaded or remotely executed in the sequence that have been set up by the deploy order. Or not ?

I already "played" with the deploy order, no results.


What is the "best practice" to deploy a new system ?
Our method now is :

- Deploy clean image by the K2000 en d then install the K1000 agent.
- In the K1000 the computer must be assigned to 1 label to recieve the default programs. Other labels are possible but they're for specific software MI's.

Answered 10/23/2012 by: toj
Senior Yellow Belt

  • It does matter how many MIs are assigned to a label. Try limiting it to 4 or 5 and you will see for yourself that it stops failing. If I recall correctly, there is a bug that causes this to happen. I haven't tested it in 5.4 yet.

    As a workaround, you can setup cascading labels to get all of your applications installed.
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