Hey guys- I am a first time ITNinja user and brand new to the KBOX!  I have a question about software deployments.  We have a situation in our environment where we can not run the latest version of Firefox.  We must stay on 29.0.1- so we created a managed install for Firefox 29.0.1 and an un-installer for Firefox 30.  So the labels applied to both the installer and then in-installer are Win 7 laptop and Win 7 desktop labels.  That includes everyone on the domain.  I would like to exclude just 2 users from the install and un-install and let them run version 30.0.  I have created a new label for that.  Is there any way to add exclusions?  I am curious because they currently would fall under 2 labels, would it know to read over the one label?  Thanks so much!
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  • When you build out a smart label you can use the drop down option "Label Name" and "does not contain" then select the label you want to exclude. So when you save the Smart Label, it will group everyone together except the people in the label you added in the smart label for does not contain.

    You are nesting the label into one another.
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