When ever i pushed out an Image to the kbox 2000 weather its windows 7 or windows 8 i get a Security Alert Message for a certificate right after the windows is done installing and about to reboot the computer and I have to click Yes before the image will finish, and either reboot the computer or if I have programs installing it will starting installing the programs but unless I click that security warning it will just sit and wait.  It really slows down our deployments and I cant figure out why its doing it,  Its been doing it ever since i updated to 3.5 and i Just installed 3.6 thinking that might help but its still doing it. I Uploaded a picture of what comes up during the process.

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The problem is most likely with your images not the kbox.  you must something in common installed in your images.


Answered 01/22/2014 by: SMal.tmcc
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Figured it out, I had to reload the Answer file to my windows 7 and windows images on kace, not sure why that would cause anything considering i havnt changed anything to my image other then software installs and the answer files were the same ones i used before so perhaps the recompiling of the image did the trick.

Answered 01/22/2014 by: briggsa
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  • Curious what did you update when you recompiled? Java, Windows Updates, etc
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