I recently created a new boot environment for Windows 7 x64 deployments, using my Win7Pro x64 desktop as the source box.  Everything went according to the instructions, and the environment is both listed in KACE's Deployment interface and on the PXE boot menu when booting from LAN.

However, after I select that boot environment, the script window errors out with "System error 1231 has occurred" and leaves me at the command prompt.

Running an ipconfig/all lists no network adapters, explaining the error.  However, when I boot into the x86 environment or an older x64 KBE (which gives me an error about OS correlations, thus my creation of the new one), everything works fine.

What am I missing here?

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  • When you say create a subdirectory are you talking about a directory for each computer you are having an issue with? In other words having \\KBOX\drivers\kbe_windows_x64\custom_drivers\3020 (if it where for a Dell 3020?
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What model are you working with?

You may have to copy the network drivers to \\kbox\drivers\kbe_windows_x64\. I found my best practice is to create a new folder in there called "custom_drivers", then create a subfolder with the appropriate NIC drivers.

I've experienced this very issue for the following Dell models: Dell Optiplex 9020-AIO, Dell Latitude E7240, Latitude E7440. Don't forget to rebuild your KBE again!!!!

Why does this happen? I've been told that newer manufacturer's such as the Intel Ethernet Connection I2xx-LM NIC (i.e. I217-LM and I218-LM from what I've experienced already) use a new instruction set (or code) that the standard NIC drivers don't have. Thus, you may be experiencing an issue when trying to mount the kbox share drive with the System Error 1231 issue.

Answered 01/30/2014 by: Nu-Nu
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  • This worked, following KBE 111717 and 111719 - thanks!
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make sure you download the kbe driver pack and install it according to the readme...


you can also use our driver feed builder to get the win7 driver...


just a driver issue...

Answered 02/01/2014 by: hmoore
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I spoke with a KACE technician and he assisted with creating a KBE environment just for the 3020 series. Since I like to keep everything universial, I used their Drive Harvestor to extract the drivers from their shipped imaged and manually placed the drives in the KBE driver pack 3 network folder (It does not work with Driver Pack 3 and Driver Pack 4). Now all of my systems work with the KBE

Answered 02/19/2014 by: ComputerBlu3
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I had the same issue as Gary Cooper, however mine was a Latitude E5550 with a hybrid drive. It would boot Win PE 4 and 5 but not 3 which is what i wanted. After 2 days of troubleshooting i found that the KBE_driver_pack_3 has the following drivers kbe_windows_x64\kace-winpe3-k04\storage\Intel RST-AHCI after deleting Intel RST-AHCI and re-caching all the drivers and creating a new KBE, it worked.

Hope this helps someone else.
Answered 10/20/2015 by: PortZero
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I experienced the same issue with Dell Optiplex 3020 PCs.  I tried adding new drivers but it wasn't until I followed Nu-Nu's advice about creating a seperate "custom_drivers" folder at \kbe_windows_x64 level (as opposed to deeper down as I was doing), re-caching and building a new KBE that I had any success.  Thanks, Nu-Nu!

Answered 01/31/2014 by: mmalko
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Had this same issue recently with the Latitude E5450 model.  I tried the steps in Dell support articles 111717 and 111719 and encountered an issue booting to the KBE.  When the Windows splash screen would appear, it immediately went to a black screen with the error that "Windows Failed to Start, File iastorB.sys could not be found".  Following the steps at the bottom of article 111719, I removed all of the kbe driver pack files, created a "Custom Driver" folder, downloaded the network and storage drivers and placed them into a subfolder called "E5450_5450", recached the drivers from the K2000, and then rebuilt the KBE.  The laptop booted into the KBE and I was able to push a scripted install to the laptop. 
Answered 06/17/2015 by: Gary.Cooper
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