Below is a picture from Excel 2010.  How do i enable the search in the FILE NAME box.

                  right above is the FILE NAME box.  You can enter a couple of lletters

and a list would start to appear with what it found.  How do i enable it???



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  • I don't think you have to "enable it" so to speak.
    Pretty sure it just begins looking at files/folders that begin w/ the letter(s) you start typing.

    In your provided example/screen-grab, if you start by typing "t", does "trsmanager" begin to appear?

    Also don't confuse this w/ the most-recent files list, but then you probably already knew that.
  • thank you
  • The file name box will only show you valid names as mentioned above. If you want to search a location for a file like "expenses_2014.xls" then type expen in the Search box at the top right hand corner, just below the red X (close) option
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