Is there any way to remove all attachemtns from KB already created?  I know you can always re create them, but if there is any way we can just delete the current attachments and update them with new one  will be helpful. 

Is this possible?


Thank you,


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This should answer your question:


And although GillySpy hasn't posted recently, he works for KACE and definitely knows what he's talking about.


Answered 07/06/2012 by: jverbosk
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  • Thanks for your anwser John, sorry I didnt explaing correctly; We had created some KB's that has atachments for our users to refer to, however, we are looking on deleting only the attachements on the KB's not the actual ticket with attachments.

    Is it possible, or we have to recreate the KB's againg with updated information?

    Thanks again!
  • If your aim is to delete KB article attachments, you can either delete the KB article in question completely, or upload a smaller attachment (to blow away the larger attachment)..

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John is correct unfortunately.

You basically have to either delete the article or upload a new file with the same name. Size doesn't matter if you upload a new file, it keeps the newer file.

Normally what I'd recommend as a work-around is this:

  1. Create a user label that only KBOX admins are a part of.
  2. Use that label to create a "hidden" KB article and upload your attachment there.
  3. Link your attachment back to the original article.

Note this doesn't resolve the original deletion issue, but you can simply upload a new version to the hidden article and then change the link in your original article. This would also work for version control because it would allow you to keep several revisions of the same attachment.

This works equally well for pictures if you don't want to upload them to the original article.

Answered 07/08/2012 by: jknox
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Hi guys. I have the same issue that horacior had. I followed the advice that Gerald supplied and it looks like the attachment in question is replaced because I see the file size change. However, I am using markdown with the code:

![Alt text](http://kbox/packages/kb_attachments/507/duac15.jpg)     

and the image doesn't get updated in the body of the article. It is still the very first image that I uploaded with that name. If I hover over the link of the attachment I see that the path above is correct and the size of the new jpg is right, but I still cannot get the new image to be displayed. I tried changing the path to point to another pic and removing that line completely yet when I re-add it the first image uploaded with that name is still displayed. Does anyone know what is causing this and how to get around it?

Answered 11/01/2012 by: horstj
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  • I would post this as a new question - unless someone is following it (like I am), no one is going to see your follow up. Unfortunately, I don't have a solution for this.

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Thank you for the information, I hope some day this can be done on an easy way.



Answered 07/09/2012 by: horacior
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