I'm trying to deploy my drivers to HP desktops using the mid level task : call y:\hta\copy_drivers.vbs however the drivers just don't install.

I've extracted the relevent drivers to the k2000 path :


As far as I'm aware the path structure is correct. Is there any way to run copy_drivers.vbs manually or to view any logs from it?


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  • How are you calling the vbs? "Cscript script.vbs" ?
  • I followed this - http://blog.kace.com/2012/10/05/k2000-driver-automation-for-hardware-agnostic-imaging/
  • ah, think I've cracked it. We moved up to 3.5.... http://www.kace.com/uk/support/resources/kb/solutiondetail?sol=SOL114674

    new path structure for post install drivers....
  • No, changed the folder path, removed the spaces. the drivers still don't install. Is there anyway I can check to see if the script is running?
    • If this is a system image, the image *must* be sysprepped and the option checked to use the Feed in the image details in order for the Feed to work. That being said, remove the mid-level task and try the following exercise:

      Cut/delete what you currently have for that HP model from the drivers_postinstall share. Download and run this tool from the HP model you wish to build a feed for: http://www.itninja.com/blog/view/driver-feed-builder

      Once the tool builds the feed, try your deployment again. You will want to keep an eye on the deployment while it is in the mid-level phase for a set of dism commands running against multiple inf files.
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Do this.



Postinstallation Task Detail


After the Scripted Installation is successfully deployed to a target computer, the selected Runtime Environment determines when the task is run.

Runtime Environment

» K2000 Boot Environment (Windows): Runs before the first boot of the operating system.

» Windows: Runs after booting into the operating system.

» K2000 Boot Environment (Mac OS X): Runs before the first boot of the operating system.

» Mac OS X: Runs on the first boot of the operating system using a login hook.

The uploaded File can be a single file, or a ZIP archive containing multiple files. ZIP archives are uncompressed on the appliance before deployment begins.

NOTE: The path is automatically added to the Command Line when at runtime.

Runtime Environment:

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Modified:Tue, Feb 18 2014 15:15:17
File Size:7.9 KB
Command Line:
Scripted Installations: None
System Images:
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