I ran a detect back in December on some test machines with a patch label that included too many patches (non-critical). I've since updated my patch labels and have ran a new detect, but the patches from December are still showing in inventory as NOTPATCHED. I'm not too concerned with these, and the majority have been superseded. I can't seem to get them to go away and it's affecting my reporting.

Does anyone know where that info is stored on the machine so that I can start from scratch?

Answer Summary:
Delete the record in Kace. After it checks back in that data is now cleared out.
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have you looked for the names in the patch directory?


Answered 06/05/2013 by: SMal.tmcc
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  • That directory is empty. I haven't deployed patches through Kace, just did the detect. I went as far as deleting the inventory.xml, and then running an update. I also reset the patch tries.
    • maybe the kinventory.db file?
      • I saw that, but wasn't 100% sure on what it actually did. I'd hate to remove it, and possibly screw up the agent.
  • was playing in test lab, I deleted both db and xml as well as log. forced update, it looks like kace creates the db file then extracts info from it to create the xml file with. The change I noticed in case was it changed the "show changes" results. did not have patching on this machine so do not know if it effected that listing or not.
    • I deleted both, and ran an update. Still no change.
      • I wonder if it is something being found in the history data on the kbox, and you need to find way to flush it from the kbox.

        Can you take one box doing this and make it generate a new kuid so it comes in as a new machine, inventory it and see if it shows the problem.
      • Yeah that didn't work either. Uninstalled the agent, deleted the reg keys, rebooted, and reinstalled the agent. The info is still showing.

        I went as far as uninstalling the agent. Deleting all associated directories/reg keys. Manually deleting the record out of Kace. Rebooting the machine, and installing the agent. That worked. My only problem is I really don't want to do that on all machines. I would rather know exactly where it is so I can delete it, and move on via script.

        Maybe I'll contact support. I would think I could delete on file, run an update, and have that info new again.
  • Have you tried shut down the machine, delete it from kace and then start it back up. You may have to delete the 2 registry keys prior also, but should not require you to reinstall.

    I think you are right on tech support they may be able to go into the database's and flush those out that way.
    • I actually just deleted the record out of Kace, and ran an update manually. That worked. Seems a little drastic though.
      • The good thing is almost as soon as they are deleted they come right back. Almost instantly.
      • that or have tech support dig thru your database's, I would guess something with the history data.
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