I am trying to deploy Dameware to systems: Win XP, Win7 x86 and Win7 x64 through managed install. The issue I am running to is Dameware has different MSI for each of these platforms. When I upload the x86 msi and associate it with the software I can only install it on x86 machine and that is fine but now I want to upload the x64 msi but how can I associate that to the software?


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Create seperate custom inventory rules for the both?

Answered 04/19/2013 by: dugullett
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My Dos is rusty! I zipped all 3 msi but need assistance on the batch file please.


IF EXISTS "%ProgramFiles(x86)%" (

    Dameware Win7 x64 Agent.MSI

) ELSE (

Dameware Win7 x86 Agent.MSI

) ELSE (

Dameware Win XP Agent.MSI


Answered 04/19/2013 by: bozadmin
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  • If you're wanting to use this method you could use something like this.

    @echo off
    ver | find "XP" > nul
    if %ERRORLEVEL% == 0 goto ver_xp

    echo %vers% | find "Windows 7" > nul
    if %ERRORLEVEL% == 0 goto ver_7

    msiexec /i blah.msi /q


    msiexec /i blah_blah.msi

  • Thank you dugullett - I will give it a try and let you know how it goes.
  • What about the Win 7 x64?
    • Under :ver_7 you can add

      IF %processor_architecture% == AMD64 goto x64
      IF %processor_architecture% == x86 go x86

      However I think it would be much easier to create custom inventory rules for these. It could come in handy later to know what machines have what.
  • I have not created custom inventory rule yet and not sure how to. I will look around and try that if its much easier.

    • Inventory>Software>Choose Action>Add New Item. Populate display name, vendor,
      version. Select your OS. You will see a "Custom Inventory Rule" section midways down. If you click on the yellow "?" it will give you some examples.

      Also check these out.

      K1000: Using Custom Inventory Items to Handle Advanced K1000 Distribution

      Europe KKE - Getting more from K1000 with Custom Inventory

      K1000: Americas KKE Series - K1000 Hidden Jewels: Custom Inventory Items
      • I created custom rule RegistryValueEquals(HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentCongtrolSet\Control\Session Manager\Envirornment, Processor_Architecture, AMD64)

        Then uploaded my x64 installed and and assigned it to Win7 x64 OS when I enable the MI nothing happens.
  • Ok first "CurrentControlSet" is misspelled. You don't want to inventory this key though. This would inventory every x64 machine in your network.

    In you managed install ZIP your .msi, a blank .txt file, and a .cmd file. The CMD file should read something like this:

    @echo off
    msiexec /i <name_of_msi>.msi /qb-!
    copy /y <name_of_txt>.txt "c:\some\directory"

    When you create your custom inventory rule use this.


    Upload your ZIP file to this software record. Then create your MI as you normally would.

    Doing it this way will now inventory every machine that has this .txt file. Which should copy down after the msi installs. Once Kace sees it in inventory it will no longer try and install. Be sure the directory exists where you are copying the .txt file to. I have a default folder on my machines C:\updates.
    • Let me give it that a try.
      • That's what this is. Create three separate ones. Name your txt file different in all three. If that txt file exists in the directory you specify Kace will say it has the software.
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