I need to deploy an application (MainApp) and then apply some site specific configurations depending on the client's location (ConfigA, ConfigB, ConfigC).  I created an application named MainApp.  I then created Deployment Types MainApp, ConfigA, ConfigB, and ConfigC with each of the "Configs" having a dependency of MainApp and a Requirement of an Active Directory site.  I now need to create a Deployment for each of the Configs (which will pre-install MainApp), but this seems like it will be a bit messy.  Is there an easy way to install MainApp, and then apply ConfigA or ConfigB or ConfigC, based upon the AD site location?

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You can add this in the requirement section of the deployment of ConfigA, configB and ConfigC. if the condition is fulfilled only then the particular deployment will be installed. You can also create your own custom requirements.

Answered 01/14/2013 by: piyushnasa
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What type of config you want to deploy? Files/Registry/Installation???

Why dont you try this using VBScript?

Answered 01/15/2013 by: jagadeish
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