Ok so here is my question.  Currently we have a K1000, and K2000 at our US office and a Remote Appliance overseas.  We have setup the User Library for our end users to install software we have put on there.  Our overseas office does not have the bandwidth we have here.  If an overseas user logs in to the user portal and installs something, will that install come from the appliance in the US, or the remote appliance? And if it does come from the appliance in the US, is there a way to change that for our overseas users?
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  • What you will want to do is set up a replication share for the people overseas. What ever your remote appliance is sounds like you will want to install it there. Stick a label on that replication and apply it to all of your oversea workers. This then will allow your users to download the file from that remote appliance. If you don't do the replication share you will be downloading it directly from the Kace box.
  • It comes from the appliance not the replication point. No current way to change that today.
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