Hi all,

I have a problem with Mac OS X deployment. I captured ASR image from a master I created and when I try to deploy this ASR image I have an error "Checksum failed."...

Have someone a little bit experience with Mac OS X deployment ? I made 3 trials but just the second one successed... I just use the pre-install task "Create a simple HFS+ partition on disk0" but the deployment process failed during "Apply image" task. Here is the log file:

Wed Jun  8 04:21:05 PDT 2016
Start of image deployment via ASR.
ls -l /Volumes prior to ASR invocation ...
total 8
drwxr-xr-x  31 root  wheel  1122 Jun  7 05:41 Macintosh HD
lrwxr-xr-x   1 root  admin     1 Jun  8 04:18 kace_netboot -> /
 Validating target...done
 Validating source...done
 Retrieving scan information...done
 Validating sizes...done
 Restoring  ....10....20....30....40....50....60....70....80....90....100
 Verifying  ....10....20....30....40....50....60....70....80....90....100

Checksum failed.
Expected F41860A42CC3CBF8E7357DC399CCC2E7D78604BB
but got F27C22FAA03F1801D6BA10B833912ADB54F7F28C
Could not restore - Paramètre invalide
ASR image deployment result is: 1
ls -l /Volumes after ASR invocation ...
total 8
lrwxr-xr-x  1 root  admin  1 Jun  8 04:18 kace_netboot -> /
Deployment via ASR failed with err=1
Deployment failed with err=1

Has someone an idea to resolve or maybe identfy the problem?

Thank you in advance for your help...!

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  • I am working with Dell Kace on this now. I am having a similar problem deploying to iMacs with fusion drives. I can capture ASR and K images without issue, but I have not been able to successfully deploy any of them. What amazes me, is that the Apple online re-installation of Yosemite works flawlessly. I am also amazed at how difficult it is to find documentation, or at least a simple step-wise process to do this.
  • I completely erase disk and reinstall OS X manually to make my master image and I don't have this problem anymore. The problems was probably due the recovery partition.
    I also have a problem with fusion drive... Impossible to capture image from it but I don't have problem to deploy on it.
  • I too recently ran into this problem. My difference is I recently added macOS Sierra (10.12.1) to my deployments. My drives are all SSD (no fusions) but NOT encrypted (not yet, anyway). Found these posts searching for an answer to 'Deployment failed with err=1" from the K2000. My El Capitan image works fine (including adding the Recovery partition) but not in Sierra so far.
    • Have you had any luck figuring this out? I am at the same spot trying to make a macos Sierra 10.12.3 image with a recovery partition and haven't been successful. Any suggestions would appreciated.
      • I believe this has to do with KACE not yet supporting macOS Sierra. I'm waiting for the first SP update that is suppose to have Sierra support.
      • Do you have a Sierra netboot environment? Normally this functionality will be implemented in 4.1 version as explain in the comments of this post: http://www.itninja.com/question/error-message-when-creating-boot-shell-with-k2000-and-mac-osx-sierra
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