When Kace agent is pushed from Kbox it updating the amp.conf and sets it host=hostname, since we have DNS issues in our network 

we have  changed most the agents conf file to have IP address instead of hostname, how can I customize the Agent.msi file to have default IP like using msi customization tools.?
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  • Thanks Phil, i need learn little about Transforms
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as a KACE customer you can download RayPack for Dell KACE. Using RayPack you can examine the dialogs on which you would normally enter the various settings (default IP etc.) and see which properties are set for a specific setting which is allot easier than using Orca. Once you have identified these, it's just a case of setting the properties to the values you require and saving the result as a transform. Your customized agent is now ready to deploy with the transform. (msiexec /i agent.msi TRANSFORMS=Agent.mst /qn)

Answered 07/01/2015 by: Pressanykey
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You do not need to use ORCA to use IP instead of hostname. the .msi can be parametrized using the following command.

msiexec.exe /qn /i ampagent-6.3.314-x86.msi HOST= /L*v %TEMP%\ampagent_6.3.314.log
Answered 07/01/2015 by: aragorn.2003
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  • thanks Aragorn, i have already done this, but the problem is when agents getting auto updated ..it some times resets the Kbox IP to Kbox Hostname, thats why i wanted to recreate a package and copy it here

    \\10.X.X.X\client\agent_provisioning\windows_platform, so that when ever Kbox distributes it will set the IP name ,
  • any other software for customizing without transforms
    • no...
      Using the command line is a "one-off" action. Subsequent repairs or other activity, customization is lost... It sounds as if on the update the existing value is not read and used as the default...
      This is also one of the problems that occurs with auto-updating of software, and one of the (many) reasons it should not be done... just my tuppence

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