Needing to find all machines in our environment that have a static IP address.

The information we need is contained here in the registry:



The problem is that the last bit of the registry entry is random letters and numbers. How can I program that into the custom inventory to look in the correct folder?

The actual value name is "IPAddress"



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Not sure about the wildcard, but something like this should work. You should then be able to turn this into a report.

ShellCommandTextReturn(powershell Get-WmiObject Win32_NetworkAdapterConfiguration -filter 'ipenabled= "true"'|Select Description, IPAddress, DHCPEnabled| Format-List)
Answered 08/13/2013 by: dugullett
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  • Good work sir. Thanks.
    • To clean the report up some you may want to just search for machines with DHCP not enabled.

      ShellCommandTextReturn(powershell Get-WmiObject Win32_NetworkAdapterConfiguration -filter 'ipenabled= "true"'|where {$_.dhcpenabled -like 'False'}|Select Description, IPAddress, DHCPEnabled| Format-List)
      • I need to get some more PowerShell chops.. What's a good online source for dummies / newbee's.
      • I learned a lot here. To me it makes more sense than VB.
  • Powershell is definitely handy to have in the toolbox.
  • Also note: Anything you can "Get-WmiObject" in PowerShell, you can probably query in a batch file using WMIC. Of course, in a batch file, the parsing of the results is more difficult.
  • You could also report on MACHINE_NICS.DHCP_ENABLED.
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