I have a VBS that is working great for me to install something for our users, pardon the network shares, this is in testing:


Set WshShell = WScript.CreateObject( "WScript.Shell" )

WshShell.Run "msiexec /i \\bhamat01\Software\ProxyPro\Proxy-8-0-2-2019\Host.msi /qb- TRANSFORMS=\\bhamat01\Software\ProxyPro\Proxy-8-0-2-

2019\StandardHost32.MST /norestart"

Set WshShell = Nothing

When I do "Run As" in k1000, on the client machine the cscript.exe cmd window pops up for a milisecond and then everything else works great. Is there a way to make this run totally silent without that quit cmd window flash?


Here is what my k1000 looks like:



  1. Verify that the file “C:\Windows\System32\msiexec.exe” exists.

On Success

  1. Launch “\\bhamat01\2010\alexkace\ProxyProHost\cscript.exe” with params “ProxyHost.vbs”.
Answer Summary:
wscript worked instead of cscript, thanks much
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try /b proxyhost.vbs for params

Answered 02/07/2013 by: SMal.tmcc
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  • unforutnately that did not work.
    • try using wscript instead of cscript
    • the other thing is tell the msi to run silent in the vbscript by adding a ,0 after the call
      WshShell.Run "msiexec /i \\bhamat01\Software\ProxyPro\Proxy-8-0-2-2019\Host.msi /qb- TRANSFORMS=\\bhamat01\Software\ProxyPro\Proxy-8-0-2-

      2019\StandardHost32.MST /norestart",0
      • http://www.devguru.com/technologies/wsh/quickref/wshshell_run.html
  • wscript worked instead of cscript, thanks much
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Try /nologo

Answered 02/08/2013 by: jdornan
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To avoid a DOS window appearing when calling command line tools, use "START /B" as a prefix to the tool's command.

Answered 02/08/2013 by: VBScab
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