My apologies if this question has been covered, my searching didn't find anything.

I'm curious if there is a method to build a ticket rule to make certain fields required depending on the value of other fields before a ticket can be closed?
What if found is some of you  have created a rule that either sends an email saying "hey these fields are required" and/or reopens the ticket.

I can create that rule just fine however I was wondering if there is a script that will prevent the ticket from ever closing?

For example in my HR Ticket, if the Position = Sales then Commission rate must be entered before close.

I've create a rule that will change the ticket back to In Progress and notify the ticket closer and that works just fine.  However my problem is I need it so some way prevent the ticket from ever truly closing.  Reason is I have additional rules that fire of when the ticket is closed.  So even though I have a rule that change the status back to In Progress, all my Ticket Close rules still fire.
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Change the priority of your rule that changes the status to In Progress to a higher priority value than the rules that close the tickets. That way it should run that rule first which should ignore the other rules.
Answered 10/22/2014 by: h2opolo25
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