Hey guys,

In my environment we currently have several different groups for LogMeIn. This is sorted by office. I have been working on creating a post install task that allows me to have one image, and it will ask me which office this computer is for. The script I have works on a live windows 7 machine without issue, but I can't get it to work in the post install environment. I have it set to run in Windows as a post install task.

I have a Zip file with all of the MSIs and the BAT file in question. The BAT file will RUN, but it then errors out with Error Code 1 as soon as it sets the parameter.

Here is the BAT script.

echo Which Office is this for (KC/CHI/NY)?
echo KC - Kansas City
echo CHI - Chicago
echo NY - New York

set /p whatapp=

if %whatapp%==KC (
start LogMeIn_KC.msi /passive
else if %whatapp%==CHI (
start LogMeIn_CHI.msi /passive

else if %whatapp%==NY (
start LogMeIn_NY.msi /passive

else (

Does anyone have any ideas why this is happening?

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  • Why not make it zero touch and condition the install on something unique to each location - IP address would probably be a good one.
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