Hi all

Ive been having a lot of problems getting Tm1 packaged up. Its driving me crazy! I just want to finish it so I never have to look at it again.

Anyway, ive used the info on this site - cant find much on google at all. I have created an mst using wise but Im not sure what it does because you still need to use command line options to get things working?
Using SMS 2003 I have created the package to run the following:


It now installs fine and sets up the IP in the host. The only thing Im having problems with is getting the autoload function to work. It just refused to run. If i manually open the xla file it runs fine but i need it to be fully automated

I found a script here:

On Error Resume Next
Dim oXL
Dim oAddin
Set oXL = CreateObject("Excel.Application")
Set oAddin = oXL.AddIns.Add("C:\Program Files\Cognos\TM1\bin\tm1p.xla", True)
oAddin.Installed = True
Set oAddin = Nothing
Set oXL = Nothing

But only works when run locally not through SMS which isnt much good. Can someone please help me out?? I have searched and searched but nothing seems to work. I tired using activesetup but couldnt figure it out

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Active Setup\Installed Components\Tm1]
@="Tm1 Excel Addin"
"\"StubPath\""="C:\\WINDOWS\\system32\\cscript.exe \"excel_addin.vbs\""

something like this???

thanks for any help
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setting sms to run only when a users is logged seems to work. Is that a bad way to do it?
Answered 10/27/2008 by: smsguy
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You have mntioned that you have created MST using Wise. You can add properties to avoid command-line options such as INSTALLLEVEL, ALLUSERS, PRODUCTCHOSEN, ADDLOCAL etc. In this case you just have to just mention MSI name and Transform to be applied.
Application having xla(Excel Addins) will have registry entries under excel application. Adding these registry keys will help you to provide autoload functionality.
You can have a look at registry under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office\Excel\Addins.
Such implmentation works fine all the time but again we can assume in packaging world. Try this and if it wont work than try implementing CA action using your VBScript which will always run automatically after evry install.

Answered 10/28/2008 by: zipsantro
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ORIGINAL: zipsantro
Application having xla(Excel Addins) will have registry entries under excel application. Adding these registry keys will help you to provide autoload functionality.
You can have a look at registry under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office\Excel\Addins
Add-ins belong in the HKCU hive, not HKLM. Well, that's where Excel puts them when you add one. Also, you'll find script samples which attempt to add the OPEN, OPEN1, OPEN2, etc registry values but that's completely the wrong approach. Stick with using Excel Automation to add add-ins, as it works every time without needing to go near the registry.

BTW, I think the code snippet you show is one of the first hits you get on Google. If you search a bit harder, there's some much nicer code which checks the list of installed add-ins first, to see if the one you're trying to add is already installed. From memory (I can't get to the share point containing my scripts at the moment), use the search term:

VBSCRIPT +EXCEL +".Addins.Count"
Answered 10/28/2008 by: VBScab
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smsguy your initial approach is a good method. stick with it.

use the active setup command, i assume you are aware that paths were wrong in your active setup example, you will also need A CA to exec it for the installing user and condition the CA not to run for localSystem
Answered 10/28/2008 by: jmcfadyen
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thanks everyone. Ive been out of the office and just got back. Apparently i now need to roll this out next week...

jmcfadyen - could you explain a little more? ive never used active setup and im reading up on it but still a little lost.

if i cant get this working ill need to set it to "run it when a user is logged off" but it seems like a dodgy workaround, and 700+ people will need this..

Answered 11/20/2008 by: smsguy
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I've also been wrestling with Cognos TM1. As noted by smsguy in his initial post, feature selections you make in the transform seem to be ignored. I've tracked that down to the condition table which sets feature install state based on some conditions, in this case the type of install you choose. Using ADDLOCAL on the command line causes the condition table to be ignored which allows the features to install as you expected.
Alternatively you can alter the settings in the condition table in your transform so the feature states are as you want them. I don't recall ever seeing the condition table in other MSI but it is a standard table...
Answered 12/07/2009 by: NZmsi
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hi people i'm new here so be gentle
i recently came across cognos Tm1 and i'm
very interested in learning all about it
i would deeply appreciate any links or contacts
that can provide training on the application
i would like to be a Tm1 analyst or consultant
but have no prior knowledge
suggestions for free or cheap training courses
are all welcome
location: london UK
Answered 01/20/2011 by: freshboy
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Perhaps it might first be an idea to join a course teaching analysis skills, since you have posted in a forum which deals with creating Windows Installer packages and which has possibly the very loosest connection with the product you mention.

Additionally, given the status of that product, to expect anyone to be offering free or even cheap courses is, frankly, laughable.
Answered 01/21/2011 by: VBScab
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