I am setting up a managed install of Office 2010 but am unable to upload it through the web interface (I assume its because of the size, ~1GB). It was my understanding that you can use the \\kbox\clientdrop folder to upload files. My problem is that the config for the Managed Install does not have a field where I can select these files. Any ideas?
Server v6.4.120261
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here is more detail

this is from the help in the console
When creating a manual software entry on the Software Detail page, there is an option to upload and associate an installer file to it. In cases where the browser is timing out because the file is too large, the file can be placed in the Client Drop. After placed in the Client Drop, a new option will be available on the Software Detail page called "Upload and Associate Client Drop File" will become available. Client Drop File Filter allows you to configure a filter that will only display files in Upload and Associate Client Drop File option that are equal to or larger than a specified size.                    


Answered 02/05/2016 by: SMal.tmcc
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you need to enable the client drop

then under the software: (the screen shots are win10 explorer, same concept for win7)
click browse:

put \\kbox in the explorer window press enter, authenticate as with the kbox samba share credentials

go the the proper client drop and double click on the file you uploaded

Answered 02/05/2016 by: SMal.tmcc
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This is what I see in the General settings.

This is what I see in the Security Settings.

I tried the method you suggested and it seem to just upload the file back to the web interface through my PC. All the documentation seems to suggest that the MI form should have an additional field for "Client Drop Files"

Answered 02/05/2016 by: arieldavenport
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