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I have a DMG that contains the PKG file and profile xml files that I need to push to Mac OSX silently from kace.

At present kace pushes the package to the Application Support folder and I attempted this silent script in the installation instructions. Ive never done a silent installer on mac before and are struggling to get it working! 

If someone can help then please help me :D

cd /Library/Application\ "Folder  curl -0 /Library/Application\ Support/Dell/KACE/data/downloads/82807/"Folder"\ *.dmg  hdiutil attach /Library/Application\ Support/Dell/KACE/data/downloads/82807/"folder"\ *.dmg  cd /Volumes/"folder"\ 3.1.06079  sudo installer -pkg AnyConnect.pkg -target “/“  hdiutil detach /Volumes/"folder"\ 3.1.06079\ 1

Am I trying to over complicate things?

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  • I have no experience of MACs but in the PC environment, deploying a Cisco VPN client by pushing over a network tends to fail because the network stack is taken down and rebuilt to include the VPN software and this loss of network connectivity usually stuffs a pushed deployment.
    You need to have the entire installation package present on the local machine and then kick off a local script that will run the install through to conclusion without relying on the network.
  • Hi thanks for this, thats what im trying to achieve. I can get the DMG package onto the machine fine. I need to automate it via a script.
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The KACE agent runs as root, so sudo shouldn't be needed.  If you are using a kscript, there isn't a need to manually copy the files to the client machine, just upload the .dmg and the .xml file as dependencies to the script.

The agent should mount the .dmg, then use "installer -pkg AnyConnect.pkg -target /" to install it.  You could then use the cp command to copy the xml file to the location you need it in.

Answered 03/25/2015 by: jknox
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