Hi all...

So I've got a bit of a weird question/problem.

Basically, I have a client that has Excel 2003 and 2007 installed.  Excel 2007 is installed natively, and Excel 2003 is thinapp'd.

The problem they have, is that when they have a document open in Excel 2003, and they click a hyperlink, it opens in excel 2007. This makes sense because Excel 2007 was installed more recently.

What the client *wants* to happen is, when they click on a hyperlink in excel 2003, it opens in excel 2003. This isn't as easy as changing a file association, because thats not what handles this particular area.  I think it has something to do with excel knowing that its attempting to open a spreadsheet "object", and just passes it to the object handler (which is the more recently installed 2007 version).

Any idea how I could fix that? Or make .xls open with Excel 2003 and .xlsx with 2007?

Sorry if my post makes no sense, I'm just getting over a cold and my mind is stuffed D:

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  • Just..... out of shear curiosity I'll ask: Why not remove 2003? Seems kind of unnecessary?? or am I missing something?
  • The area thats using it claims compatibility issues with some of their older spreadsheets... so they've asked for both versions
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This is very intersting scenario. I will trying this scenrio by having Exceel 2003 Thinapp'd with local Excel 2007 this weekend.

I assume that the target of the hyperlink is an another Excel file.

As of now the only simple workaround would be:

1.Right click on .xls -> Open with Excel 2003 by default. (I am aware that it is thinapp, but I think there will be an option to this)

2.Right click on .xlsx -> Open with Excel 2007 by default. 

 I am not sure if this works as I dont have the machine and the thinApp ready. May be you can give this a try and let us know.


Answered 01/02/2014 by: rushi.ware
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  • Nah doesnt work... not when one of the versions is thinapp'd
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