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Just wondering if you could create a dynamic list within the KACE K1000 tickets. An example of what I am talking about is within a ticket we have the field Category: then that drops down with Access/Hardware/Other/Software/Telephone. I was wondering if we could make another drop down within there for hardware giving the user the option to click Mac or PC. Something along those lines anyways. If the question is unclear let me know and I can try to explain it in a different way. Any help is appreciated. 

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I know you marked this as answered already but did you mean something like this?

Answered 12/30/2014 by: getElementById
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  • That wasn't exactly what i wanted but that seems to be the best that can be done as of right now. I did find out how to do that by inserting "::". Thanks for the help.
    • Sure thing. As the guy above said, maybe they'll have some added features in the next version. I wouldn't mind seeing something that would allow us to define our own page structure with html/css. And also maybe a way to add custom logic so you could achieve what you're trying to do.
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No, the category field is the only one that allows that type of dynamic lists. Version 6.3 is coming out soon. Hopefully they implement some new changes to the ticketing system.
Answered 12/30/2014 by: h2opolo25
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The general answer is 'no' BUT you can use select statements within custom_fields.  So, if you had a select statement that met certain criteria, you indeed could mold that list accordingly.  IE:  I made a list that pulled users of a certain label in a drop down, since I didn't want people to use the 'complete' user list and filter.
Answered 12/30/2014 by: Wildwolfay
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